“You will hardly find a family of 3-5 or above that doesn’t have a malaria patient and the treatment is very costly.”

Adamu Adamu Maidala, a resident of Gombe stated this while lamenting the rate at which malaria is affecting the people.

He alleged that the government has abandoned Malaria control program including sharing of mosquito nets.

Maidala also said that the problem is increasing because people and communities don’t care or look after their environment, and the government that is supposed to make sure of a cleared and clean environment doesn’t care anymore or don’t have time for that.

“This problem is killing and robbing families of their savings, if government truly cares about the poor this is where they can prove it. 

“Past governments used to spray pesticides for mosquito control in houses and communities to prevent Malaria, but that exercise has been stopped and also the environmental sanitation." 


Babayo Ibrahim said he is not surprised about having malaria because it has become a virus that is affecting everyone in his community.

''I know of about five people whom were recently placed on malaria treatment in my neighborhood,'' he said.

Sani Muhammad Adamu of Gombe by-pass who was just discharged from the Primary Health Center Patinami said his family has spent 21, 000 naira to treat 5 family members.

Another patient on admission at a private health facility in Tumfure, Nura Muhammad told Bounce News that ''since the beginning of August, all his savings has been for malaria treatment.

“It was my mother that first fell sick, after my two brothers, daughter and myself also fell ill. I fix tires for a living and you know how things are these days.

“I came to this private hospital because even in government owned hospital you pay for such treatment”.

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A health personnel of the hospital (Primary Health Clinic Gabuka) told Bounce News that the primary assignment of the hospital was to take care of mothers and newborns but since the outbreak of the malaria, the patients have taken over the hospital.

“Today alone we have diagnosed about 35 malaria patients, even though there is provision for other patients in this hospital, but we think government has to do something on this malaria problem because it is becoming rampant”.

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