Residents of Owode/Ajegunle area along Mile 12-Ikorodu road have taken to the streets to protest what they describe as unbearable high electricity tariffs.

The residents are also demanding for prepaid meters as they seek a final solution to what they term ‘crazy bills’.

They marched to the office of Ikeja Electricity branch at Irawo bus stop to press home their demand.

“This is to protest against the crazy bill the Ikeja electricity agents are bringing to us, we are doing this to demand our prepaid metres. Instead of giving us prepaid metres, they are bringing us crazy bills.

“They are fooling us and we can't continue paying this. We have been to their office and told them that without prepaid metre, no payment.”

When Bounce News sought to know how much they were being charged monthly, a resident said a 2-bedroom apartment is billed between N10,000 and N40,000 monthly, while the shop owners groan every month as they get bills between N10,000 and N30,000.

“They are giving two shops N17,000 per month. Two bungalows are given N30,000 bill per month.

“A face-me-I-face-you house with 10 tenants is given N40,000".

The protesters, who were mostly youths, have warned the electricity company not to bring any further bill and not to disconnect their light.

“We met with a man they called their boss in their office, and he told us that when the prepaid metre was being shared to Ketu and Ikorodu areas they experienced a spike in foreign exchange. When it got to our turn, that was when dollar rose very high.

“He also said by January 2018, we will be given our prepaid metres, but we have told them no prepaid metre, no payment, and no disconnection.”

When Bounce News visited the office of the IKEDC branch in Irawo, we were told the manager was not on seat, and even if he was, he would rather not speak to the press.

Another resident complained that he has been regularly given a N10,000 bill for a 2-bedroom apartment since February 2017. Even when he travelled and was away for two months - he came back and met a N20,000 bill at his door step.

Did a ghost use power in his residence while he was away?

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