Following Monday’s defection of the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos, Moshood Salvador to the All Progressives Congress (APC) , the secretariat of the PDP in the state seems to have been deserted.

When Bounce News visited the party office along the popular Adekunle Fajuyi Way in Ikeja on Tuesday, August 28th, the hitherto bubbling  secretariat was  as quiet as a graveyard, as party members, staff and visitors had all deserted the one-storey  building.

None of the state officials were found in any of the offices as they were firmly locked.

However, security guards and old women selling were seen in the premises.

All of them declined comments when our correspondent tried to ask why the place was deserted.

One woman simply said, “You know why there are no people, because you are a journalist. What do you want us to tell you again? Everybody is aware of the reason. So, there is nothing to say.”

A staff in the secretariat, who later showed up confided in Bounce News  that members are now confused  following the defection of Salvador.

The staff, who pleaded  for anonymity, lamented the loss and said the party in the state needs to do more if it wants to make an impact in the 2019 general elections.

Salvador announced his defection on Monday while addressing his supporters in Lagos.

He said he took the decision because all his efforts to move the PDP in the state forward had been frustrated by some elements in the party.

Salvador alleged that a former deputy national of the party, Olabode George, had done everything possible to undermine the progress of the party in the state.

He said he could no longer labour in vain, adding that the national leadership of the party had done nothing to support or appreciate his efforts as PDP Chairman.

“When you have people or leadership that cannot give you encouragement to carry out your vision, you take it to another place where it will be appreciated.

“I am not happy that I am abandoning what I laboured for, but I have to move on with my supporters because I cannot continue to labour in vain,'' he concluded.