Were you apprehensive that your favourite cow meat would not reach the centre of excellence for a while?

You can heave a sigh of relief as all is well that ends well. 

Few days ago, the Lagos State Government demolished illegal structures and shanties around the Oko Oba Abattoir and Lairage Complex in Agege.

It was done in fulfillment of Governor Akinwumi Ambode's promise to restructure the complex for improved operations.

The State Commissioner for Agriculture, Oluwatoyin Suarau who led a team of officials on the demolition exercise explained that the exercise will ensure meat processing of meat is done in a safe and healthy environment.

According to the Assistant Secretary of the Cattle Dealers Association of Nigeria, Bashiru Alamin, 20 million Naira worth of toilets were destroyed.


                                  The demolished structures in the abattoir (Credit: Bounce)

Status Quo Maintained

But a visit by Bounce News to the abattoir few days after the threat shows that the cattle dealers have made a U-turn and you would most likely have some beef to eat during dinner.

Activities at the abattoir were in full gear as cattle dealers, butchers, buyers and sellers were doing their business with no hindrance.

Effort to speak to the Seriki Fulani and leader of the market, Bello Dan-Mubaffa was not to avail as he was said to be engaged with other market activities.

However, one of the market leaders, Bashir Mohammed said that the dealers are no longer carrying out the earlier threat.

“The chairman in a meeting asked us to forget the threat as the state government meant well.

“He told us that if we decide to stop bringing cattle, it would not only affect us, but our relationship with the state government will also be affected."

Asked whether the state government is planning to compensate them, he said he has no idea as the chairman is the only person that can speak on that.


Another cattle dealer, Wasiu Folarin said the threat was made out of annoyance as a lot of money was invested in the destroyed structures.

"But how do you fight government? The damage has been done already, we are moving on with our lives and businesses", he said.

Bounce News discovered that makeshift toilets have been erected very close to the destroyed ones across the markets.


With order restored and swords sheathed it remains to be seen whether or not the cost of the demolished structures would lead to a hike in the price of meat within the metropolis.

At least we would expect the unions to either demand compensation or compensate themselves indirectly.