The immediate sight of public toilets have always offered so much relief to the desperately pressed.

There comes a time when one has to answer that call of nature and you are stuck right in the middle of the city.

No nearby hotel or eatery to run to and no friend to call up.

Regardless of class and status, the public toilet will inevitably turn out to be Utopia.

But how hygienic are these public facilities?

Bounce News went around the city of Lagos to check the state of such facilities and their overall sanitation.

Putting it mildly, the condition of these public toilets are a matter of shame. Negligence on one hand and misuse on the other.

It was discovered that what we call public toilets are places immense inconvenience.

Almost all of them are in shambles and the surroundings are miles away from clean. Walking past some of them can be revolting not to talk of entering.

What hits you first is the stench. You could decide to wade through remembering your rumbling bowels but once you make the first 'deposits' you will notice the slimy walls and the dirty floor.

Some are flushed by water fetched in buckets by the attendants, others have leaking pipes that continueto waste the limited amount of water.

The floor is constantly wet and slippery and there are some which are so dirty that one wonders why people still use them.

In many of these toilets, urination costs N30 while doing number 2 costs N50. In some places like Isolo and on the Island, shitting goes for N100.

At the point of entry to a public toilet in Mushin, a young man (apparently a member of staff) demanded from our correspondent (in a tone devoid of courtesy) - 'Wetin you wan do?' 'Na piss abi na shit?'

A putrid smell escaped from the closed door as soon as he entered.

The bowls are dirty and brown from overuse and poor maintenance. The same scenario played out in many other public toilets in emerging Mega City.

Broken, stained taps and failed water systems, soiled and cracked walls, doors and floors punctuated with a heavy stench welcome you to public toilets located inside the Saudi Motor Park in Oshodi.

Investigations revealed that each of the facilities received close to about 100 people on a daily basis.

This, according to one toilet attendant is the reason maintaining standard hygiene is almost impossible.

“The taps keep getting spoilt, you clean now and some heartless person comes in with muddy shoes. People in town have very bad toilet habits. We are doing our best, there is no way this place can be cleaner than this, how much are you paying for defecating, how do we make our own gain? So we cannot do much,” the attendant passionately said.

The users must also take part of the blame. Public toilets are not from Mars, they are products of who we are on the inside.