It doesn't appear to be the second coming of Christ but some people are convinced beyond mere words that they heva sen the messiah face to face.

Thousands of believers in Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos are making pilgrimages to a church in Ikorodu where a strange image has appeared on a wall.

The image, believed by some people to be the face of Jesus, reportedly appeared on an uncompleted building at the Holy Ghost Fire Apostolic Church, Ogunse Estate, Sagamu Road, Ikorodu, Lagos state.

The stained wall was first noticed on Saturday after heavy rainfall . One of the artisans working in building were said to have screamed after seeing the image and abruptly stopped the day’s work, claiming he had seen Jesus Christ.

As the story spread, the crowds grew as people continued to troop in and out of the premises to see things for themselves.

Commercial motorcyclists made brisk businesses transporting passengers.

Our correspondent, who visited the church on Wednesday, observed that the building has been turned into a shrine, as visitors dropped sachets and bottles of water at the site they consider holy.

Our correspondent also observed that the image is more clearly discernible from afar than up close.

People were seen offering supplication and making requests for wealth, divine opportunities and healing.

There were many others who, gripped with fear, stood afar and watched people while satisfying their curiosity.

It was gathered that due to the large crowd that arrived in turns to catch a glimpse of the image, the church authorities in the first two days had to allowed the people to enter the building in turns of 10 to either have a closer view of the image or pray for forgiveness.

The church has also put on hold construction works in the premises due to the number of pilgrims.

A visitor, who simply gave his name as Segun, said he heard about the development and decided to find out for himself. “I heard that Jesus appeared here, so I came to find out the truth. I have seen the picture myself, it is true. I saw the head but wouldn’t know if it is Jesus. I believe that Jesus is coming soon,” he said.

Another respondent, who chose to remain anonymous said, “I heard that Jesus appeared, so I came here. I saw something around his image.”

One of the security guards in the church told Bounce News that on the first day that the image appeared, people struggled to get close to touch it and were shouting: “Jesus save me,” “Jesus the son of God, have mercy on me.”

Others visitors, however doubted there was anything of spiritual significance here. One man said there was no way Christ would make an appearance at Ikorodu. There were far too many killings here, he said.

Leaders of the church contacted by Bounce News declined comments on the matter.

The church was founded in 1994 by Prophet/Pastor David Oladejo, popularly known as Baba White.

Sightings of Jesus Christ are not uncommon in Nigeria. In 2016, hundreds of people trooped to Saint Augustine’s Catholic Church which is located in the Nenger area of Makurdi, Benue State, following the appearance of an image which was described as Jesus Christ.