On arrival in some parts of this community in Oshodi/Isolo local council area you would be greeted by stern faces.

They know instinctively that a stranger just walked in.

The streets are poorly lit at night and most people remain in-doors for their own safety. 

Nestled in the centre of the community is a school for children where they ought to feel safe to learn. But this is not the case.

The broken roofing sheets and ceilings show that this school was once the pride of the community.

The Agberos usually take over the school's premises turning it to an avenue for smoking India hemp (Igbo) and other prohibited substances.

It was gathered that the miscreants openly smoke the banned substances in classrooms and under the trees.

The school's sanitation is not spared from the wrath of the daredevils. Sometimes they defecate and urinate in classrooms and the pupils have to spend part of their instructional hours to cleaning up the mess.

It was learnt that almost on a daily basis, the students are subjected to clearing away cigarette stubs and Indian hemp wrappers left behind by the hoodlums.

Located on Bode Onifade Street in the Oshodi area of Lagos, the school has become a popular den for these hoodlums.

Bounce News visited the school on Wednesday after a concerned resident of the area raised the issue of insecurity with one of our correspondents.

It was discovered that school lacks perimeter fencing, which makes it easy for the miscreants to enter the school premises to and carry out their illicit acts.

Investigations by our correspondent further revealed that the school premises also serves as leisure ground to these miscreants.

Some of them have converted some of the classrooms into brothels as they bring in prostitutes to the classrooms at night to have sex with them.

Our correspondent gathered that efforts to rid the school of the menace have been futile. The school  management and residents seem helpless.

Aside the activities of the smokers, the school's infrastructure has suffered severe setback.

As one enters the school through the various openings, you are welcomed by scars of abuse on the compound.

The physical structure is most affected. The ceiling of most of the classrooms have been vandalised, yielding gaping holes.

The school's head teacher was reluctant to talk to our correspondent when contacted. But all she volunteered was that she was not allowed by civil service rule to talk to the press.

"I am not competent to talk to you on this matter," she said.

She, however, confirmed the activities of the miscreants in the school, describing them as unfortunate and called on the authorities to intervene.

A teacher of the school who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed that the situation in the school is such that nobody wants to talk for fear of being a target of the hoodlums.

Some of the residents who spoke with our correspondent said the situation has been unabated despite efforts of the residents to end the trend.

They noted that they had written several letters to the government, drawing its attention to the activities of the miscreants but nothing concrete has been done.

Education Secretary of Oshodi/Isolo Local Government Education Authority (LGEA), Olalekan Alausa Adekoya, confirmed this ulgy incident to our correspondent.

“Yes, we have touts and hoodlums around who defecate and smoke in the school. We have arrested some of them with the assistance of the police.

He noted that there are plans to fence the premises, but the project is stalled by lack of funds.

Till the funds come, the poor man's students would have to wait endlessly for Godot.