Professor Chris Imafidon is not a man of many words, his actions and achievements speak more for him.

His family is rated British brainiest and it is an outcome of his investment in the children which were not done with textbooks.

Ann Imafidon and her 3 younger siblings, Christina and twins - Peter and Paula - are child prodigies, breaking age records in educational attainments.

There are other testimonies of his new ideology and insights about teaching and educating a child, one of which was evident in Alexsha Monforte, who was described by The Sun as a BRAINBOX.

The six-year-old is the youngest kid in Britain to pick up GCSE results - getting her grades 10 years early.

She was not studying with textbooks.

"I find Maths as a game because of Professor Chris.

"I love playing MangaHigh and Excellence in Education games and I was also given a special book called the Maths Manual.

"When I grow up I want to be a scientist. I want to create a robot that does whatever you do. It will be silver and gold," the Sun quoted her as saying.


Alexsha was a beneficiary of Professor Imafidon’s Excellence in Education programme.

On Wednesday, the Professor, who is a Nigerian, addressed a gathering in Lagos brought together by ‘Child Dignity Foundation’.

It was an event for autistic children, tagged Restoring Hope.

This is the first invitation for such programmes that he had accepted in years.

Professor Imafidon, who is an Ophthalmology, told the gathering that textbooks should not be the first choice of learning materials for their children because they are not the best when it comes to educating a child.

"Black and white textbooks are made by the devil. They do not deliver information the way a child will understand it.

"Children learn more by interaction.

"We learn by interacting and that eliminates jargon.

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"Learning is a game and fun and the child should be made to learn that way and enjoy it," he stressed.

Parents, autistic children and some of their teachers were at the event held in Remi Fani-Kayode Street in Lagos.

He recommended materials that parents should get for their children, emphasising that it will educate them better.

"When you go to get materials for your children to study, make textbooks the last thing to consider.

"Get them audio – podcast - and video materials that they can watch and learn while they also have fun," he added.