Gideon Oyedele Olaiwole is a husband of one wife and a father of three children.

He has been managing to train his offspring in school while working as a casual worker.

His first child, a girl, who is now 19-year-old, has made herself and parents proud by gaining admission to a Nigerian University.

Gideon knows he has more responsibility looming and he must deliver results.

He would have rushed to a cooperative where he belongs in his working place, but he has already borrowed money from there, and would not get another loan until he pays off his outstanding.

He looked at his take home pay, and it is not enough to take care of his immediate needs, let alone, his new task of sending the daughter to university.

Finally, he resorted to trade with the devil, perhaps he won't get caught, he thought.

Unfortunately, he was not lucky, as he fell to the hands of Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and was arrested alongside 10 others, including officers of the Nigerian Airforce on the 21st of October, 2017, at about 11:40pm at Doyin Bus stop, Orile, Lagos.

Gideon, alongside his suspected accomplices - Okechuckwu Alozie, Wale Lawal, Babatunde Samson, Ismaila Adejare, Iliasu Ibrahim, Ikechukwu Izemba and four Nigerian Airforce officers, were paraded at the Police Headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos.

Bounce News sought to know the salient reason why Gideon, the alleged leader of the team, carried out this senseless act.

“I was one of the workers that helped lay pipes for the Lagos State Water Cooperation. When we were laying pipes, when we were doing work there, we removed the old pipes and the company took some away, but the remaining ones were left desolate by the dustbin, so I decided to sell them.

“I took the decision because I want to get money in my pocket. I have borrowed from cooperative and my salary is not enough to take care of my family, not to talk of refunding the money.

“I have three children, my 19-year-old first born is about to start her university education, so I was sourcing for money to give her.

When asked how will his daughter feel if she sees her dad in his present condition, Gideon looked down, shook his head in regret and said - “I really feel ashamed.”

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Bounce News also sought to know how he contacted and convinced the four NAF officers.

“I contacted the NAF officers through one of my brothers who is a childhood friend of one of the officers. He got one and that one organized the other three officers.

“I told them that we want to remove some pipes in Orile, the pipes belong to Lagos State Water Coporation, where I worked when they were doing the rail. Is just for them to be with us so that area boys will not disturb us.

“I agreed N35,000 with the four NAF officers, and have given them N20,000, to balance N15,000. I would have sold the pipes for N650,000.

Lagos State Police commissioner Edgar Imohimi said the suspects will be charged to court.

"The suspect were arrested on the 21st of October, at about 11:40 pm at Doyin Bus stop, Orile, vandalizing iron pipelines belonging to Lagos State government Water cooperation, they came in with a crane and a truck. But SARS team arrested seven suspect and four NAF officers."

What would now happen to his wife and their 3 innocent children?

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