One dream every parent has for a child at birth is that the baby will grow up to become exceptional in life.

Big dreams run through the minds of parents especially those in Nigeria, but very little see those dreams come true.

So many throw in the towel when the system changes things, forcing young and enthusiastic Nigerians to lose faith in the future.

People with dreams of becoming engineers end up as graduates in adult education.

Some computer science graduates cannot even write a code.

Maths has left many sweating like it's a burden that only those called geniuses can carry.

One man, who was autistic, has tried a new way of learning for his children and it worked.

He has a house full of geniuses as proof.

Chris Imafidon on Education and making a genius

Children from other families thought to be mumu have been transformed to obtain scholarships at Oxford University ahead of those from the upper end of the social status ladder.

Israel Adeboga is a beneficiary of his programme and he passed Maths A-level at age 10.

Professor Chris Imafidon is first a Nigerian before he became a British citizen and his formula had endeared him to monarchs, prime ministers, governments and great leaders.

He advises them all.

They are adopting his method of grooming even the autistic children to become exceptional and it is working.

He wants Nigerians to partake in this process which he has also made available online on his Excellence In Education platform.

He believes the current educational learning format in Nigeria cannot build a child to maximise his innate abilities.

"Your child is being tutored with a curriculum put together in 1440 at this age and you should consider how things have changed", he said. 

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"Consider how long it took our great-grand parents to travel from United Kingdom to Africa about 200 years ago and how long it takes now.

"The time of travel is way, way different", he added.  

'Universities Are Paper Mills'

"The brain behind our schooling system, the Victorians, was to design people to work for factories of the day. It was to make human robots. People that will all work, talk and spin around the same way so that they will be helpful in the industrial revolution.

"You can’t use that template which was for 1440. You cannot use a software of 6 years ago in your computer, but we are using a software designed in 1440 today to teach our children.

Chris Imafidon on Education and making a genius

"We have to jettison that completely and re-write what we want to accomplish and how we will accomplish that.

"Our universities are paper mills, just producing papers, without training the mind to solve problems and put a value in it.

"Our schools don't practice entrepreneurship. They are obsessed with textbooks recommended by a great-grand-father to teach young children literature, studying Shakespeare. They don't have any connection with Shakespeare. They don't even understand Shakespeare in a black and white book," he stated.

The Ophthalmologist, who described some schools as weapons of mass destruction, insisted that they have become a place where minds are destroyed and where learning curiosity is killed.

Child Dignity Foundation

"That is why I call them weapons of mass destruction.

"It destroys your mind, learning and the curiosity you had when you were going to school.

"Ask any teenage about school today, the word is boredom, boring...,” he emphasised.

Professor Imafidon's children are described as the brainiest in Britain and his family had received several awards, but the Professor believes every child can do what his children have done and more.

Chris Imafidon on Education and making a genius

Schools are skewed towards using the same curriculum and the government, according to him, lacks the will-power to transform the system.

Parents are required to now take it upon themselves to change the future of their children by giving them educational materials in electronic format that will correspond with the age they are in.

Professor Imafidon has established a relationship with Child Dignity Foundation founded by Mrs Amaka Awogu, and he intends to reach more Nigerian children that are autistic, those with down syndrome and others whose parents want to turn into a geniuses.

He recommends that Nigerian parents should expose their child to learning with the new tools at early stage of 8 months (that is before birth).

Music is one thing he says parents can use to train the child right in the womb, emphasising that music is an integral part of learning.


He also wants parents to jettison myths that a child must attain a certain age before he can write the senior secondary extermination.

He notes that children under 12, whom he mentored, have gained admission into different top universities and are doing-fine.

The message is quite simple - parents need to pay more attention to their children and be prepared to make necessary sacrifice to spark the genuis hidden deep inside.