In continuation of our piece on how to care for your eyes to ensure that it remains effective all through life, Dr. Kenneth Nkuche suggests what you should do

The doctor suggests that people who are 40 years and above, and are of black race should have a 'scheduled eye test' within 6 months to 1 year.

"When an individual is about 40 years, the natural lens that God has given us starts shrinking and that will increase the risk.

"People should try to pamper their eyes the way they pamper a baby.

"When you wake up in the morning wash your face with clean water. and when you return home after the days work, pour clean water in a bowl, deep your face in it with your eyes open to wash out dust and particles that may have entered the eye.

"Early detection of any eye ailment is the best way of treating the eyes."

The role that good food and fruits play in the maintenance of eye cells was also highlighted by the optometrist.

"People should understand also that food is the best way of treating ailments. Food is the best. I am talking about nutrition management.

"Intake of fruits and vegetable that contain vitamins that the eyes really need  like omega-3 and others with vitamin A anti-oxidant will help in replenishing lost cells in the eyes. Good fruits and food are highly essential in the management of glaucoma.

"Parents should also try to discourage their children from eating junk," he warned.