This piece that will come in different parts will be published daily to effectively educate you on how to take good care of your eyes. 

The eyes are a source of light to the body and it is one organ that most times first desires a thing before the heart accepts it.

Many individuals have suddenly lost their eye sight and have been left wondering what happened.

Some have linked it to spiritual attacks by their enemies.

But opticians say that is not always the case.

Going blind is usually a gradual process that most individuals may not notice until the condition is at its advanced stage.

This is according to the Managing Director of KENED Eye Clinic and Optical Services, Dr. Kenneth Nkuche.

He told Bounce News that there are different eye diseases. But the common ones include: Trachoma, River Blindness, Cataract, reflective error and Glaucoma.

Among these, Glaucoma is one condition that is not easily noticed.

It is a group of eye diseases that have a common characteristic of optic nerves neuropathy (gradual breakdown of optical nerves) and because of this it is a bit difficult to classify.

“It is associated with gradual visual loss as a result of breakdown of the nerves,” he said.

Many people are not aware that just as we have high blood pressure, there is also high eye pressure.

It is like the hypertension of the eye. This occurs at the area of the eye called the ciliary body.

Fluids are produced in the area and are supposed to drain through a carnal or drainage tube into the bloodstream.

According to the optometrist one thing that is certain is that there will be steady production of fluid but with a blocked carnal for it to drain, there will be obstruction and fluid will be retained.

Kenneth Nkuche speaks on Glaucoma and causes fluid

“When there is a blockage, the pressure will pile up inside the eye and when there is much pressure inside the eye, it will lead to the destruction of optic nerves and any part that is lost can never be recovered,” Dr. Kanneth said.

This destruction is part of the conditions that is seen in cases of people that have glaucoma, which he described as the silent thief of sight.

"Most of the things we witness here we term them spiritual but that is not always the case when it has to do with blindness," he warned.

The next article will look at how to know if you have eye drainage blockage that could cause blindness in the long run if not properly treated or managed.  

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