John was in jubilation with some other classmates at graduation.

They painted their white top with primary colours to show their liberation from the confines of the institution.

Unfortunately, their minds were draw away from reality.

He had studied computer science, but he could not even write a programme successfully without applying the copy and past tactic. Even the copy and past comes with errors that the original code writer had overlooked.

Few months after the party, he was still at home, hoping for a miracle to happen. Every Sunday, the pastor would announce "there s someone here whose life will change completely this week"; John always screamed "Amen" as many times as his breathe would permit.

But by the next Sunday nothing had happened. He would be back in church consoling himself with the phrase, "God's time is the best".

The Real Problem

Months turned to years and he is still at home. He had made it to some interviews and they kept saying you are not the person we want.

The times seem to have overtaking Nigeria’s education and the graduates are still living in the past.

There is a huge demand for skilled workers and that can be seen whenever you have any electrical appliance you need to repair.

This lack of skilled workers gave birth to technical schools and Bounce News is looking at how parents can take advantage of these schools to equip their children before they dive into the swim marathon in search of white collar jobs.  

Parents need to take some drastic measures to ensure that their children do not join in this band wagon of unemployed graduates.

Technology Versus Your Child

These days, people who get the jobs are those who can render services alien to machines.

If a software can provide similar services then why employ the individual? 

This has emphasised the need for a change of mindset for parents and even students while making career choices.

Bounce News visited a technical school in Agidingbi area of in Lagos State to access the standards of learning and the skills being acquired.

Although admission into the school this session ended in June, parents who want to empower their children with skills can take advantage of the next admission year which begins in May 2018.

technical college agidingbi

The school which admits persons with minimum of the Junior Secondary School certificate has 10 courses that a child can benefit from – Instrumentation Mechanics, Electrical Installation & Maintenance Practice, Electronics, Computer Craft, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (R&A), to Graphics Arts, Garment Making, Foot Ware and Leather Works, Architecture Block Laying and Concreting works and Furniture.

A source at the school, who does not want to be named, said students have been employed by companies one of them owned by Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote.

One of such students is Sunday Oyelami who was employed by Samsung West Africa as a mobile phone technician after he finished his course.

Students undertake these technical training within three years and they can proceed to 200 level in the university after they have written NABTEB and the National Trade Test examination, the source said.

Education standards in Nigeria continue to dwindle with both government public schools and technical colleges affected.

The budget for the sector has continued to fall far short of UNESCO's recommended 26% allocation, but Lagos' technical colleges have continued to thrive because the Lagos State government is in partnership with various private companies to sustain learning standards.

The partnership is secured through the Lagos State Technical and Vocational Education Board (LASTVEB).

There are six of such colleges in Lagos, the source told Bounce News.

Government Technical College

Government Technical CollegeAgidingbi - Ikeja
Government Technical College Ikorodu
Government Technical College Ikotun

Government Technical College

Odomola - Epe

Government Technical College


The academy, which provides practical training for students in electrical engineering, was established in the college at Ikotun.

The Lagos Eko Project Coordinator, Ronke Azeez, sometime ago said “the academy will complement the three-year technical education being carried out across the state technical colleges by focusing on both practical and theoretical training relevant to current industrial and domestic needs”.

Why let your child learn continuously for 6 years primary+6 years secondary+4 years university before he or she begins to apply theoretical knowledge to problem solving?

Food for thought...