The rains are here again and some persons are already falling ill.

There are a few things that health coaches are suggesting that we can do to stay away from cold.

“Even though the rainy season is here and it comes with cold, malaria and other ailments that African nation’s witness because of our environment, there are still a few things we can do to stay away from cold,” a healthy lifestyle coach and the Chief Executive Officer of Ojanature, Lauren Dibiana-Osewezina said.

“One major thing to do is to boost our immune system to fortify us against diseases and infections that are prevalent during the wet season, like sneezing, cold, catarrh and malaria.”

read kidney beans

Mrs Dibiana-Osewezina suggested that individuals should pay more attention to what they eat and ensure that they include more nutrient-dense food in their diet, bearing in mind their individual dietary need.

Some of the nutrient-dense food she suggests are; beets, dark green leaves, red kidney beans, honey, healthy oils like olive oil, coconut oil, palm kernel (black) oil and black seed oil among others.

More regular exercise is another routine that the health coach, who runs an online shop for natural food and body products, also suggested.

“Take your workouts seriously not just to burn calories this time around but to keep your organs fit also,' she stressed.

items to eat to stay healthy in rainy season.

Other nutritious items that individuals could also eat that are loaded with immense health benefits, according to her, are Fenugreek seeds, Dried/fresh lemon grass leaves, Pepper mint essential oil or leaves, Eucalyptus oil, Tea tree oil Lavender oil and Scent leaf (ncheanwu or efirin).

 She suggested that these items could be added to our food.

Don't take your health for granted it is the only thing you have to keep you strong while you pursue your goals in life.