Human trafficking is a crime, but some women have mastered the act of making this illicit trade appear like a help to their female victims.  

When Aneh, 22, Met a woman in Benue that told her she could get her a job in Bayelsa, her joy must have consumed her ability to think straight and make the right decision. 

Poverty had gripped her family and she needed to contribute her best to the alleviation of her home from the low life. 

Working in the south-south oil-city was her desire. 

That leap she took without looking, has now landed her in a police station, where she shares her story with tears.

"I was deceived by the woman," she said, as she narrates her ordeal in the hands of the unidentified woman that is now on the run. 

girls converted to prostitutes in bayelsa state
Some of the girls were selling sex when police arrived at the location they were housed

She had told the police that when she arrived in Bayelsa, the woman cajoled her into prostitution, resulting in her having sex with several men everyday.

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When she could no longer tolerate the situation she had been subjected to, she ran to Area 30 Police Division located at Akenpai in Bayelsa State for help.

After she shared her story with the police, she took them to the location along lmiringi Road by Tombia Roundabout in Yenagoa, where other girls are also housed.

Several arrests were made.

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Some were selling sex and attending to their male customers when they were raided. 

Over 15 girls were found in the building.

girls converted to prostitutes in bayelsa state
Young men arrested while having sex with the girls converted to prostitutes

When Bounce News arrived at the police station one of the girls who appeared to have accepted her fate in the trade she found herself, appeared sad that she was arrested. 

"l just pay my house rent today. If una deport me to my village, l go kill my self, l go kill myself," she shouted.  

Prostitution is on the rise in Bayelsa State, requiring a more stringent law to check the tide. 

Some teens say they are not 'Ashawo' [prostitutes], insisting that having sex with several men is just fun for them. 

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