Alexander Ifeanyi considers himself to be a huge fan of Olamide.

So, when he heard about the Olamide Live In Concert holding on Sunday December 17, at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, it was a dream come true.

Like every die-hard fan, he made his way from Ojuelegba to the stadium.

He says his intention were noble - change his ticket for a wrist tag, enter the venue - and dance the night away.

He had bought the regular ticket which cost one thousand Naira and had plans of enjoy the event with the rest of the crowd, but all that changed with one phone call.

A phone call from a 'bosom friend', who knew that he was an Olamide sucker offered to get him a VIP wrist tag, that will bring him closer to the stage and the stars.

The VIP ticket cost 5,000 Naira and he was going to get it for free- he could already see himself hugging Olamide and hopefully Lil' Kesh (so he imagined).

olic4 ticket

Alexander knew that it would be a great bargain, since getting any of the tickets online on the day of the event was an uphill task.

Some ‘sharp’ people had already started selling the regular 1,000 Naira tickets, for between 1,200 Naira and 1,500Naira.

He confidently marched straight to the VIP gate after collecting the tag and did not bother to remove the regular ticket wrist tag.

One event, two tags on two arms

He walked up to the security detail at the VIP gate and was searched. One of the security officers requested that he removed the 1,000 Naira wrist tag.

Alexander did not hesitate, he removed it and flung the ‘poor’ tag like it had a disease.

When he reached the final gate, before taking the short walk to his seat with the ‘big boys’, he was turned back for presenting a fake wrist tag.

Alexander, who narrated his story to Bounce News, took our correspondent to speak to the ‘erring’ security personnel who had turned him back.

fake tag at olic4

                                                                                                               Fake VIP Wrist Tag

“Oga this wrist tag is fake. If you see the original one it is light blue and not dark blue, and if you see the original tag there is something written on it. This one is blank. Please kindly go to the other side (The 1,000 Naira side). Thank you”

His explanation was short and he did not flinch as he explained why Alexander had ‘no hope’ of mingling with the big boys.

He could not afford the 5000 Naira ticket and he had just thrown away the 1000Naira ticket.

“I am tired. Let me go home” he told our correspondent as he walked away dejected, with the music coming from the stadium providing the 'outro' to his disappointing adventure at OLIC4.

I think he was lucky not to have been arrested and made to explain how he contracted the fake pass.