She was being prepared for marriage but it was never to be.

13-year-old Hauwa'u Abdullahi looked dejected and lost when she narrated her ordeal to Bounce News.

Hauwa'u, who kept repeating each word, said it all started when she went to hawk chin-chin in their village Kupto, Funakaye local government of Gombe state.

“Masa’udu called me, pretending to buy the chin chin but he was later making sexual advances to me. I told him that my dad had warned me not to allow anybody to touch me.

“After that he tried it again and it was the third time that he held my neck and dragged me to his house and raped me, by then his wife was not at home” she narrated to Bounce News in her native Hausa language.

Hauwa’u’s father, Abdullahi Muhammadu Kupto told Bounce News that he noticed changes with his daughter when she started complaining of stomach pains. 


“I asked her what happened, and she explained to me how Masaudu raped her. I took her to our village head who asked her to take us to the house where she was raped”.

“When we got to his place, my daughter identified him, but he denied it.

“It became obvious that no action would be taken on the man that raped and impregnated my daughter who was being prepared to be married out.

“I charged him to a court in Dukul village where I was asked to pay N5,000 to lodge complaint. I was given a date to come to the court with my daughter.

“When we came, I was asked again to pay another N5,000 to take her to hospital for examination who was four months pregnant at the time.”

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Abdullahi, who could not hold back tears, said lack of finance stopped the court from taking them to hospital and that was how the case died in the court despite the suspect’s refusal to swear an oath on his innocence at the court.

Abdullahi, bent on seeking justice for his daughter who put to bed four months ago, took her to the Gombe state branch of Federation of International Female Lawyers (FIDA) where he was assured that the case would be followed up.

Legal practitioner, Hamamatu who is following up the case told Bounce News that rape has become rampant in Gombe.

She said the law must take its course and justice served.

She revealed that Masa’udu has been arrested by the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC), and remanded in prison custody.
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