Abdullahi Wanangu is a 23-year-old former member of the dreaded terrorist group, Boko Haram.

He joined the group when his home town, Bulamaza in Damboa Local Government Area (LGA) of Borno State, was attacked and governed by the sect.

“We were trapped in the town and only option was to join the group or be killed.

“So when I joined, I served as a messenger who goes around spreading the message of Boko Haram and in turn took message from our people to the leaders of group”.

ex-boko haram members

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Abdullahi is one of 154 ex-Boko Haram terrorists that have been rehabilitated under the De-radicalization, Rehabilitation and Reintegration (DRR) program.

The former insurgents on Saturday 24th November completed the DRR program introduced by the Federal Government in an effort to prevent the spread of terror.

He said that it was suffering, joblessness and hunger that made him sneak out of the Boko Haram camp leaving behind his father who also fights for the sect.

"I lost my way out after which I was captured by a team of hunters whom I shared my intention of surrendering to.

"They took me to the military base in Buni-yadi Yobe state and that is how the army received me and today here we are.”

ex-boko haram members

Mala Abba Shuwa, another ex-member of the deadly sect said he will for remain grateful to Nigeria government and the army who spared his life and gave him a second chance to act right.

The DRR program, which commenced in April 2016, was designed and established by the Military to take the fight against the insurgent group beyond bullets and bombs while healing the minds of brain-washed members.

Code-named Operation Safe Corridor, the program has transformed into a major component for the restoration of lasting peace and security in the North East region.

This is according to the Commandant of the DRR camp in Malam-sidi the headquarter of Kwami Local Government (LGA) of Gombe state, Col. Beyide Martins.

ex-boko haram members

Speaking at the graduation ceremony on Saturday in Gombe Maj.-Gen. Bamidele Shafa, Coordinator of Operations Safe Corridor (OSC) said this was the second batch that has graduated from the program.

He added adding that the first batch of 95 clients were discharged in February and have been successfully reintegrated to the society by their respective state governments.

Gombe State Governor, Ibrahim Dankwambo, represented by the State Commissioner for Agriculture, Abba Buba-Biri commended President Muhammad Buhari for initiating the program and congratulated the officials of the camp for their effort and the success achieved so far.

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