Displaced persons show life has been scuttled a little by flood, forcing them to live in uncompleted buildings as their recourse, are in tears gain.

They are crying, not because of the flood that had damaged their homes, but because with their own eyes they watched relief materials they had extended their stay in a camp for being taken away by criminals. 

They had come into the internally Displaced Person's (IDPs) camp located at lgbogene in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State at night, at about 8:07 p.m on Wednesday with a vehicle. 

Armed with guns, machetes, axes and sticks. They unlocked one of the big blue caravans containing food items donated to the IDPs by the government, churches, organisations and individuals. 

Bags of rice were neatly loaded into waiting vehicles and taken out of the camp while the helpless men, women and children watched silently. 

The camp had closed on November 10, with IDPs receiving food and non-food items and they were advised to go home.

But some of them refused to go home, insisting that the the smallest food item in the big caravans must be distributed.

caravans of relief materials donated to IDPs

An occupant of the uncompleted storey building, Mrs Grace Ekpo, told Bounce News that there "were waiting for SEMA [State Emergency Management Agency] officials to come and give us rice.

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"But what we saw were criminals who came with cars and carried all the bags of rice away."

She explained that they were warned not to raise alarm else or they would be shot.

Sister Ewongo Bisong, however, revealed that some camp officials accompanied the armed criminals who came to steal food items donated to them by Shell Petroleum Development Company. 

The flood victims, who had refused to vacate the building out of greed, shed tears, as the items were being taken away.

Their extra days at the officially closed camp without light, security or water have suddenly become wasted days. 

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