They used to be friends until N8,000 bet9ja profit won by Damilare divided the fold.

Damilare Obadeyi, 22, is one of the young Nigerians patronizing football betting sites.

He staked a bet on some European clubs for the midweek matches hoping to cash some money. Fortune smiled on him.

Yes, all the teams Damilare picked won their games and he won N8,000 from the bet he staked.

The news spread around the hood and his elated friends, who did not win from their own bet in Ago-Oba in Abeokuta, came to congratulate him.

But they were also envious of his winnings. So, they demanded an unfair share of the sum.

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Damilare insisted he is not giving a kobo of the sum as he had already made plans for his good fortune.

The atmosphere became tense as his friends insisted they must share of his winnings. Damilare was adamant and the unthinkable happened

One of his friends, Saheed Gafar then brought out a ring which his friends thought he wanted to jokingly use to make Damilare apprehensive and compel him to share part of the money. Unknown to them it was a juju ring.

Immediately Saheed hit Damilare with the charm, he fell to the ground and fainted.

He was rushed to a traditional clinic where it was discovered that Damilare was mysteriously struck with epilepsy.

But a juju priest disclosed to them that Damilare can only be healed when Saheed, who is at large, comes back with the anti-dote.

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