Ololo Okpanra is a business man at Nembe Local Government area of Bayelsa State, but his trust in his bank is waning.

He wants the police to intervene in the matter that has left many people confused. 

Some days ago, Mr Okpanra arrived at a commercial bank by Nikkton junction, Yenagoa before 10am.

He tendered a two million Naira cheque to a female cashier who informed him that there was insufficient funds and pleaded with him to be patient.

After waiting for 32 minutes, he was called to go behind the counter and collect his cash. 

"I did that discreetly and thereafter went straight to my house to take something before returning to Nembe with the money.

"I never knew l was being trailed," he told Bounce News.

After spending few minutes in his house, he came out, entered his car and three young men armed with AK47 automatic rifles pointed their guns at him.

"Where is the money?" asked one of them while the other two kept surveillance on both sides of the road still pointing their guns at him.

Frightened, he fumbled through both pockets of his trouser and presented a few rumpled Naira notes to them.

"This is all l have" he told them, in attempt to distract them from the huge sum in the vehicle. 

Angrily, the leader of the gang pointed the nuzzle of his gun to their victim's head and asked again: "Where is the two million Naira you withdrew from the bank few minutes ago or do you want to die?".

Scared for his life, he pointed at the back seat of his car where the money was wrapped in a bag.

The robbers carried the bag, snatched his car keys from him and drove towards Sani Abacha Expressway.

At that moment, it dawned on Mr Okpanra, that the robbers knew he had the money.

He thought to himself, "I have been set up by a staff of the bank". 

Furious over the situation, he rushed to the bank and accused the staff of conniving with armed robbers. 

He later reported the matter to men of State Anti Robbery Squad (SARS).

When contacted, the police spokesman DSP Asinim Butswat  confirmed the incident.

He told Bounce News that contrary to what a media organisation reported about the suspect being in police custody, she was yet to honour their invitation.

"An invitation has been sent to her.

"She will report at the station on Monday Dec 31.

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Mr Okpanra's car was, however, abandoned close to his house. 

Another victim of similar robbery, Miss Seimokumo Ogolo, explained that she was robbed of 59,500 Naira at the gate of the same bank few weeks ago.

She revealed that the robbers knew exactly how much she withdrew.

"They told me to hand over 59,500 Naira or they will shoot me.

"The robbers operate in a Toyota Camry car.

"They usually trail their victims outside the bank premises and can kill if one does not meet their demand," she said.

These armed robbers, who operate in a saloon car, have also been accused of being responsible for several robberies related to deaths within the state's capital.

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