Mrs Oluwatoyin Aderibigbe was heading back to Lagos from Abuja by road on May 29 when her family lost track of her.

It was not an unusual trip. She works at the Federal Medical Centre, Ijabi in Abuja but visits regularly to spend time with her family.

But it appears that this time, the 54-year-old woman never got to Lagos. According to her daughter, Abiodun Owoeye, they tracked her line and discovered that her phone was switched off at Kotonkafe in Kogi state.

"I noticed it was very unlike her not to communicate her movement that very day. I was the first to suspect there's fire on the mountain when she didn't arrive on the 30th and I couldn't reach her throughout 29th of May.

"At first, we thought it was a case of accident. I made effort to find out if there was any accident case on the road and the only one I found occurred at Akoko in Ondo in the evening.

“The journey from Abuja to that scene of the accident was four hours journey, but the accident happened in the evening of which by that time, she would have almost gotten to Lagos. 

“Despite the fact I knew she couldn't have been a victim of the accident, I still was able to communicate with the morgue where the dead victims were taken to," she narrated.


This was the point when the family’s fears got worse as Abiodun further shared their experience.

"The following day, I received a strange call.  At first it was a missed call, but before I could return from the bathroom, the caller used another line to call me. 

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"I picked, and I heard a large number of voices speaking Hausa underground including female, but none was talking to me directly. I tried again, same thing happened.

"I saved the two numbers out of curiosity to try the number when I get someone who understands Hausa around me.  To my surprise, when I tried later in the day, the number was still ringing but no one picked, later the two numbers were barred from receiving calls."


When a problem becomes too difficult for men to solve in these parts, they often seek divine help and the victim’s family was not an exception.

"I decided to visit a pastor who told me she is still alive, and the plan was masterminded by someone close to her at her place of work. 

"My other family members went and came back with same report. But without a physical proof, we can't just make any arrest because we don't know who.

"We have been to different bus parks but there was no manifest with her name and her whereabout has remained unknown to us," she added.

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The family contacted her place of work, perhaps there could truly be a clue about her whereabout, but they requested a family member come over.

They reported the case to the nearest police station around but were told to go to Abuja to do that.

They have been to Abuja on the instructions of the police and the FMC but still, no traces of Mrs Aderibigbe.

The missing woman is popularly known as Yemi or Iya Biodun, she speaks Yoruba, English and Pidgin fluently.

Abiodun has appealed that anyone with useful information about her whereabout should contact her on 08034714067, 08136985606.

Please share the story and lets help find Mrs Aderibigbe!

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