Shout of "kidnappers have entered the estate, they are about taking some children away" rented the air. 

Everyone became confused as to how, when and where?

As a state of confusion enveloped the estate, a stoutly built lady was seen galloping down from one end of the estate to the security post at the entrance of the estate. 

She got closer and it became clearer that she was the face behind the kidnapping alarm that brought the whole estate to a state of confusion. 

The lady got to the security post panting. She was trying in vain to control her breathing.

She informed the security guards that some ‘strangers’ had invaded their home at No 7, Sesan Adekoya Street, Coker Estate, Shasha, to kidnap her oga’s children. 

 Sesan Adekoya Street, Coker Estate, Shasha, Lagos

The guards swung into action immediately, running towards the direction the lady came from. 

One of guards was seen alerting his colleagues at the other end of the estate not to allow the alleged kidnappers leave the premises.

The security guards, the housemaid identified as Becky and few residents rushed down to the spot where the alleged kidnappers where.

It was discovered that they were actually the mother of the children, Stella and her friends.

Stella was seen carrying a 2-year-old baby girl and another 5-year-old girl held on tightly to her.

People began to gather while she burst into tears. Some were pleading with her not to take the children away without the consent of their father while others were warning her of the consequences of her action.

A taxi hired by Stella was seen outside their gate and some of her remaining belongings mostly clothes and those of her daughters were also at the gate.

Stella and her husband had been together for 8 years and their union produced two beautiful girls.

Their relationship however turned sour two months ago when Stella moved out of the house due to irreconcilable differences.

She accused her husband of cheating on her with other women.

She said, “Stanley would leave me in the house with my children and go on expensive trips with some other ladies abroad.

"The farthest he has taken to me is Ghana and that was even during our honeymoon eight years ago.

"After I left the house, there was a day I went to my daughter’s school and I was informed that Stanley had instructed them not to allow me to see her".

Stanley, who was not around when the ‘kidnapping’ drama ensued, had informed the housemaid and the security guards to seize the children from Stella, take them inside and lock the gate. 

His arrival later sparked another round of drama as he used his spare key to open the gate, drove straight into his compound, ignoring the wife, her friends and the crowd around.

He, however, came out few minutes later and asked some neighbours, the security guards and Stella’s sister, Gbemi, who stayed with them to enter. 

Stella who was prevented from gaining access to the house, was seen sitting on her luggage outside the gate, crying as her plea for her daughters fell on Stanley ‘deaf ears.’

The case has been referred to the office of the Public Defender.