The chances of people with kidney related ailments in Gombe State surviving is becoming slimmer every passing minute.

This is because all the patients in need of dialysis in health facilities across the state are being treated with a single dialysis machine.

According to Maternal Newborn Child Health Coalition (MNCHC) in Gombe, this has made Bauchi state a place of refuge for kidney patients.

It was gathered that about 120 patients every week travel from Gombe to Bauchi for dialysis.


Chairman of the coalition, Alhassan Yahaya, during a press conference on Wednesday, October 24th in Gombe metropolis, said that the Gombe state government ought to be commended for approving 253 million naira for the purchase of six dialysis machines and another 20 million naira for purchase of life saving drugs.

However, he added that the delay in releasing the money has continued to pose threats to the state's health sector.

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Yahaya also noted that the 250 million naira approved for payment of counterpart funding to UNICEF for Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) program which is yet to be released is also an issue of great concern in the state.

"Advocacy for release of such funds is not going to stop, because without that, the results we might be having will not be good for our society".

Speaking on primary health care, Yahaya, congratulated the executive secretary of Gombe state Primary Health Care Agency, Dr. Ahmed Gana and his team for working tirelessly to make sure that the nine pillars of the primary health care are achieved, and also that the state stands out as best among the 36 states of federation in that regard.

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