What was obtainable in the past was that an evangelist was only seen with his bible and a bell.

They move from one spot to another spreading the good news

In the 80s and 90s, evangelists in Lagos were often enthusiastic about ministering to prison inmates or complete strangers. 

They engage in door-to-door witnessing or visiting hospitals to encourage the sick.

These days, the tables have turned as some individuals have decided to take it a notch higher by constructing mobile pulpits to make movement easy and stress-free. 

They are always strategically positioned at various locations especially during rush hour in the mornings and evenings.

They have one mission and it is to evangelize no matter the weather, come rain or shine.

If you are familiar with areas in Lagos such as Ikeja, Oshodi, Agege and Iyana Paja, you must have noticed these Men of God.

Bounce News observed that the mobile pulpits are usually on two tyres with a protruding megaphone and microphone. 

Some even attach a giant standing speaker to it to ensure the words are clearly heard with no ambiguity. 


Duty Calls

From Ikeja Along to Ikeja Bridge, three to four of these evangelists are strategically positioned. 

They maintain a considerable distance from each other to prevent interference or clustering of frequencies. (It appears they also have a code that guides their conduct).

A mobile phone and accessories shop owner whose frontage serves as the spot one of the evangelists ministers every morning, Chinedu Williams, told Bounce News that the evangelist 'reports for duty' as early as 7am. 

"I have come to know this particular man for over two years now. He comes to the front of my store every morning with his wheel barrow look-alike altar and he doesn't leave till like 11am.

"As soon as he is done, he sometimes settles down for breakfast at a restaurant few metres away or enters the computer village. What he goes to do there - I don't know", he said.

Another shop owner simply identified as James said that they have gotten used to seeing the evangelists every day.

He said their mannerism and style fascinate people resident in the area as some passers-by even give them monetary gifts to aid their ministries. 



Bounce News spoke with one of the mobile evangelists, Taiwo Adediran, whose mobile pulpit will make pastors of some established churches envious.

His wooden pulpit is balanced on two micro tyres with a protruding megaphone and a standing giant speaker attached to it.

Taiwo said he has been evangelizing for almost five years now but started using a mobile pulpit for evangelism three years ago.

“I became born-again in 2011 and later joined the evangelism department of my church in 2012.

“I used to wake up as early as 5am to evangelise on my street because of my zeal for winning souls for Christ.

On how he came about spreading the gospel using a mobile pulpit, he explained that he got drawn to it when he ran into someone using the same gadgets a few years ago at Oshodi.

“The first time I saw a mobile pulpit evangelist was in 2010 even before I became born again, so when I got born again, I decided to adopt the same method.

“It makes my movement easier, aids me in covering more areas and reaching more people”, he said.