They came out from nooks and crannies of the state in their thousands full of expectation.

Rumours had gone around town that officials of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) were coming in with baskets full of money.

Their hope was however dashed when a program expected to be a money sharing event turned out to be just sensitization.

Gombe residents, who rushed out to attend the sensitization program organised by CBN on Monday, expressed their disappointment to Bounce News.

CBN had during a radio program on Sunday, invited residents to its sensitization program which was tagged Promoting Financial Stability and Economic Development in Gombe.

CBN programme

It was said to be a new outreach program for the CBN to interface with Nigerians and sensitize them on new policies and initiatives of the apex bank.

The Director Cooperate Communications of CBN, Isaac Okarafor, who led the CBN team told participants that they have come with good news from the CBN.

It was widely believed by participants at the program that team from CBN came with the dividends of democracy.

It was this belief that encouraged many people to leave their homes, struggle to write their names on the attendance list so they can be called by the CBN.

"I cannot come here and leave without registering my name because I seriously need this loan to boost my business, Sani told Bounce News.


Sadiya Sale, another participant said, “Things are hard in this country that is why when I heard about this CBN’s program, I rushed out to register my name.  I was told that CBN will call us for disbursement of the loan.

Abbas Haruna said that he spent about one hour searching for paper where he wrote down his Bank Verification Number BVN because he believed he would be asked to present it to access anything that will be shared at the event.

That was the impression most participants who attended the program came with but the leader of the visiting CBN team, Isaac Okarafo clarified the matter.

He said the list taken was just an attendance list which could be used for feedback purpose and also to disburse further information.

“The good news we brought is to give you ideas that will help you startup and develop businesses that will enable you help and support your families”.


"We are not here to give you money or forms for loan, If we give you money today who will give tomorrow, but the idea is to teach you how and what you can do to get money because that will be more endurable and sustainable".

He added that the CBN has set aside 220 billion naira on the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Development Fund (MSMEDF) to encourage people running micro enterprises.

“The monies are there, all they need to do is for twenty tailors, hairdressers or barbers to form a cooperative and open an account then apply for these loan.

“You don’t need collateral to access such loans, all you need is your cooperative,” Okarafor said.

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