Grace Nkanueko, a 20-year-old pregnant lady thought she had found succor after a Catholic Priest, Jekpon-Oghene Dukuye, took her into his home after her stepbrother raped and impregnated her.

It soon turned out that she thought wrong.

Nkanueko was purportedly rescued by the priest when her household and villagers ostracised her after she was impregnated by her stepbrother, Chris Onokwa.

Her conceiving for her stepbrother was regarded as a taboo in her village in Imo State.

So the priest reportedly offered to bring her to Lagos, promising to accommodate and feed her until she delivered.

But this seeming good gesture of the cleric allegedly turned out to be the climax of the pregnant teenager’s ordeal.

It was gathered that as soon as she moved into the holy man's mission house, she became his sex slave as he slept with her anytime his libido came forth, not minding her situation.

The birth of her child was the beginning of another problem for Grace.

Having successfully had her baby, she was pressurised by the same cleric to trade her child for a more comfortable living.

The cleric, along with two doctors in the hospital where she delivered her child, suggested she give up ownership of the baby for her preferred price.

The hospital in question where the episode is alleged to have happened is the Mother Mary Catholic Hospital, located on Oludegun Street, Isolo.

A resident of the area and human rights activist, Hammid Bakare, who took up Grace’s case told Bounce News that he had contacted the appropriate authorities to ensure that necessary measures were taken to save the girl from further trauma and to ensure the arrest and prosecution of the suspects.

He said he took it upon himself to report the matter at Isolo Police Station and the welfare offce of the Lagos State government.

He, however, expressed sadness that weeks after the matter was reported, the culprits are yet to be put behind bar

According to him, the two doctors are one Dr Chidinma Ejiofor and Dr Jane.

Efforts by our correspondent to get the reaction of the reverend father and the two doctors proved abortive.

Attempts by our correspondent to speak with the authorities at the hospital were also rebuffed.

When our correspondent visited the hospital on Wednesday, security officials at the gate denied him access.

It was learnt that the Lagos State government has since taken Grace and her baby into government custody.

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