Ganiyu Adisa must have woken up on Thursday, 20th October 2017 full of life with big expectations.

The 35-year-old wall clock 'repairer' resumed at his duty post in front of the Egbeda Central Mosque, Lagos State like every other day hoping for the best.

Ganiyu, who is an Islamic cleric, had a customer who came to have his wall clock fixed. He gladly asked the customer to sit down while he got to work.

Few minutes later, Ganiyu stopped, looked at the customer and said “Oga, I have to get to Iyana-paja to get some of the parts for your wall clock.”

In a twinkle of an eye, Ganiyu dashed off while informing his co-traders and the customer that he will be back in a bit.

Unfortunately, that was the last they saw of him as he never returned to complete his assignment.

Everyone waited for his return as minutes turned into hours, hours into days, but Ganiyu failed to return.

A trader, Bashiru who spoke to Bounce News said Ganiyu’s disappearance is still a mystery.

“Ganiyu is not the type that will go for a long time without a trace. There were times he will go like that but always comes back before the close of business.

“He normally goes to Iyana-paja like that to get parts for his clock repairs but comes back the same day.

“The day he went missing, he told me and some others that he was going to Iyana-paja to get some parts. 

“We expected him to return earlier because he kept a customer waiting, but he did not come back.

“We called his phone, but it was switched off. It was at his point we suspected something has happened to him”.

                               Ganiyu's wall clock stand

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De Javu

An Islamic Cleric of the Egbeda Central Mosque, Hakeem, who also spoke with Bounce News said this is however not the first time a trader will go missing like that.

He said something similar happened to another trader earlier in the year, but after intensified prayers, which the missing Ganiyu took part in, the trader was found.

He stated that prayers are being offered daily for Ganiyu while the matter has been reported to police authorities in the area.

“His posters have also been pasted on specific walls. We believe Ganiyu will use his own legs to walk back home”, he said.

Was Ganiyu kidnapped, involved in an accident or did he choose to elope? 

These are the questions begging for answers.

Anyone with useful information on Ganiyu’s whereabouts should please call the following numbers: 08032159708, 07062192821 or inform the nearest police station.

The clocks are still ticking...


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