There is an ability in every disability, likewise there is a golden opportunity in every problem. You just have to look harder.

It takes a determined person not to allow a physical challenges to limit the purpose of his/her existence on earth.

Such is the case of a 50-year-old woman, Christiana Akinrinmade.

Watching her teach in the class, you would hardly know she is blind; totally blind.

A thousand and one of her likes would have quickly resorted to begging for alms at strategic points and luring people to feel pity for her but Akinrinmade ’s case is quite different as she accepted her fate and adapted to her condition.

Akinrinmade was not born blind. She was born able to see like every other person.

A graduate of Marketing, she worked in the banking industry for 17 years. 

She recounted how she was struck with the sad fate.

“I lost my sight six years ago. I was driving when I discovered something entered my eyes. I went to the hospital and was due for operation. But unfortunately before the date, I lost my sight. I felt I had been hit by a life-time disaster,” Akinrinmade explained.

During this period she equally lost her job.

She continued: “I refused to go out and I remained indoors for four years. It was strange to me, because I thought the end had come. The blind people I used to see then were beggars on the street.”

One day, she decided to flip the script. She made up her mind to pursue another career. To her, her soul would only be defeated if she allowed her condition to abort her future plans.

In 2016, she enrolled at the School for Blind in Oshodi. There she learnt how she could be useful to herself despite her condition.

A special opportunity came our way in February 2017. Her excellence and courage were admirable and word spread about her unique abilities.

She was offered employment by the Lagos State Government as an Instructor in one of its Skill Acquisition Centres in Mushin.

She said she got the job on merit after the State Commissioner for Women Affairs, Lola Akandea was impressed seeing one of her works.

Ever since taking up the job, Akinrinmade never stopped believing in her ability to achieve great things despite her condition.

Her words: "This kind of condition comes with its own stigma. We must convince people that we have some potential in us that could be beneficial to humanity."

She advised people living with disabilities not to allow their condition to limit their goals.

"They must think beyond their physical limitations. They should not see themselves as those who cannot go beyond begging for alms on the streets.

"They should always see themselves as people who cannot use their body parts effectively and not as people who cannot achieve their dreams.

“They may be blind and people may see them to be unfortunate, but if they could be so smart to overlook their challenges, they will defeat it and climb to the top. The limit of their dream is not street begging, because the sky is still open for those who want to fly higher.”

The world may seem dark to Christiana, but she believes we only see what we imagine.