If you want to confirm the wonders of nature, all you need do is to go catch a fish in Oha river and attempt to prepare it for your delicacies.

The result will shock you.

In this river lies the mystery of nature and authenticity of tradition that distinguishes its host community from others.

Not only is it forbidden to catch a fish from the river, but also the fishes caught are of no use. No matter how long it stays on fire, it will remain raw and inedible.

Located in Ipinsha, Akure South local government, Oha River which is located at the extreme end of the town poses one of the very many wonders of the world.

According to the traditional ruler of the town, the Akapisha of Ipinsha Oba Omoniyi Olufunmilayo, before any Oba is crowned, he must go to the river to bath. He must never go back or see the river till he dies.

oba omoniyi olufunmilayo
Oba Omoniyi Olufunmilayo

"Anyone that brings water from the river to the palace while the monarch is still alive will incur the wrath of the gods. The only time the king can use water from the river is when he dies. His corpse will be taken to the river for cleaning.

"Apart from this, any fish that is caught in the river will remain raw no matter how long it is cooked or roasted. It is such a mysterious river where anyone that fishes on it will miraculously disappear, especially when he or she does it intentionally."

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Also, an indigene of the town, Demola Ayeola corroborated the monarch’s narration.

"Nobody fishes from the river except the person is ready to commit suicide or incur the wrath of the gods.

oha river

"But for visitors or those who do not know about our tradition here in Ipinsha, if you go there to fish, nothing will happen to you but no matter how long you cook the fish or roast it, it will still be raw just like the way you caught it from the river", he added.

It was confirmed that the first prince of Deji of Akure named Kejeje discovered the river, bathe and drank from it after he had traveled many miles in search of where to settle.

He was said to have consulted Ifa, the gods confirmed the place as his settlement and instructed him never to go back to the river or use it again which consequently became the tradition till date.

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