Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Moji Olaiya has been returned to mother earth.

One day we all will die.

The mother of 2, had an illustrious career and left a legacy for the world to cherish. She was buried on Wednesday, June 7 at the Ebony Vaults in Ikoyi.

The atmosphere was heavy with emotions. People drowned in sadness, others tried to keep a straight face, holding back tears behind dark shades as they waited for her body to arrive.

Their attempts to keep it in failed. They cried and wished she was still alive. Her good deeds were impossible to hide.

After a long wait, an Alfa took charge praying for the late actresses soul before extolling her life and successes.

He continued until a boy brought the Alfa's sermon to an end with an ode to the dead in Arabic.

moji olaiya's daughter and relatives

                  Moji Olaiya's 18-year-old daughter Adunola Odutola(2nd Left)

Stern faced men, wearing  skull caps and black 'jellabiyas' carried a wooden stretcher framed with transparent glass in.

There she lay clad in white. Moji Olaiya's body was brought into the hall, and the sounds of mourning broke the uneven silence.

After prayers were said by the Alfa, the procession wasted no time to head for the place where Moji Olaiya's body was committed to the ground.

None of the actresses who came for the burial wore makeup and their faces were gloomy.

Their uncommon and non-glamorous look made it almost impossible to recognize them.

moji olaiya body

                             Moji Olaiya's body goes to be viewed for the last time

At the grave site there was one more prayer, before her body was lowered 6 feet into the ground. It was done.

Moji Olaiya at the age of 42 had left both the acting stage and life's reality.

"What I would miss the most about Moji Olaiya is her gentle nature, she is just a mother, Moji takes charge where ever she is, what ever it is. She is a counsellor, she is so peaceful and so loving" said Ayo Adesanya, as the tears began to well in her eyes again.

Actor and film maker Muyiwa Ademola, who had featured Moji Olaiya in some of his films, spoke slowly as he reminisced.                                        

"She is a very beautiful soul, somebody that you would just love to work with. Moji always wants everybody to be happy even if it is to her own detriment. We are going to miss her so much".

moji olaiya burial

                                         Nollywood actresses cry after losing their friend

Moji Olaiya’s 18-year-old daughter Adunola Odutola joined other celebrities including Fathia Balogun, Funke Daramola-Salako, Iyabo Ojo and Bimbo Thomas to mourn her mother.

Bounce News could see that  after the event was over, and the Alfa had completed the rites of passage, no one was willing to leave their seats or where they stood. 

Moji had that effect while she was alive - amiable, gentle, independent and courageous.

Even in death, she lives in our hearts and on our screens. RIP