Ashatu Muhammad Auwal is mother of Amina Muhammad who is suffering injection abscess.

The condition has eaten up a part of her gluteal muscles and she has been on admission at a Specialist Hospital Gombe state for the past five weeks.

Ashatu Muhammad Auwal told Bounce News that they are exhausted financially as she can no longer afford the prescribed medication needed. 

“It first started like a joke but now only God can help us”.

Narrating how 24-year-old Amina, a divorcee became a victim of abscess, Ashatu said Amina had gone to a chemist to treat malaria.

She was administered anti-malaria injection but on reaching home that day, she complained of pain from her leg where she was injected.

“Four days later it turned to a little wound not knowing that it is growing from inside”.

“But when the pain persisted we took her to this hospital where it was discovered that she had lost a very big part of her backsides (gluteal muscles),” she said.

She added that the family has been going through a lot to cater for Amina’s ailment.

“I wish help will come for us”.

“The option left for me and my dying daughter is to call for philanthropist, politicians and individuals to please come to her aid.”


Save Our Child

8-year-old Amina Aliyu is another patient whose leg has been amputated.

Abubakar Wanzam, Aliyu Amina’s uncle told Bounce News that she was a victim of collapse building in their village Balan Kanawa in Kirfi local government area Bauchi state.

“When the building collapsed on her she had a fracture on her right leg, we tried using traditional means, but it only got worse, so she was taken to this hospital.

“The father of the girl has started developing mental problem as he cannot bear the challenge, we are in dire need of help,” he said.

“Social Welfare Department of the specialist hospital that was supposed to come in and render some help cannot do anything as the department have been out stock for the past 5 years. The social welfare providers were said to also be in need of help.

Mrs Astira Aminu the Chief Assistant Social Welfare Officer told Bounce News that they were posted to the hospital from Gombe state ministry of Women affairs and that the support was coming from the ministry of Social Welfare but it has been long that they received anything.

She said “We are the immediate relatives of anybody in need of help here including accident victims but we were left with nothing to offer help we only have tax ourselves and do some little things we can on our own.

“You see government alone cannot do this, we have called for non-governmental organisations and individuals to come in and help but the last time we got support from individual was in 2015 when a man came and drop 5,000 Naira.

“On this International Day of Charity people should please visit hospitals and help the needy,” she added.

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