"Where exactly do we go from here?

"Who have we offended that even the government and the gods have decide to leave us to our fate?

"Are we the worst sinners in the world?"

Emeka Mejeli is a resident of Ewulu in Aniocha South Local Government Area of Delta State.

His town’s local council headquarters is in Ogwashi Uku, but he sees little or no impact their being under that local council.

Ewulu is dominated by farmers and fishermen, but many of them have become poor overnight.

The rains, which are known to be good times for farmers, appears to have shown its ugly side to residents of this community.

What started like clatters on their roofs, some of them thatch, have become heavier than expected sweeping away years of hard work in a few hours.

This is the road to the community that has now been cut off from the rest of the world, with residents running out of food supplies.

Ewulu Umomi river flood

Over 10,000 residents including women and children are currently trapped in Ewulu Community where ravaging flood has submerged the only access road to the community.

The rain has caused an overflow of the Umomi River and submerged the road over the last 16 days.

Residents are crying out for help  of the community stranded without access to food and medical care.

Emeka told Bounce News that the State government needs to find a lasting solution to the problem by ensuring the construction of the road and dredging the Umomi River.

The community known for its rich farming activities has become a place people sit at home, as farmers no longer convey their goods to other markets, while traders who come in big lorries to buy their produce have been shut out by the flood.


"Ewulu community has been cut off from the rest of the world as a result of the flood.

"I am calling on the Delta State government and all relevant authorities to please come to the aid of this affected Agrarian community.

"This community has no State government’s presence, yet we have strong agriculture potentials.

"The only time you see the state government officials and politicians is during elections, when they come and make many promises just to get to our votes. We are wiser now," Emeka added, apparently waiting for 2019 to make a better choice.