The entire court room was silent and footsteps could be heard far away along the hall way. No one moved. Nothing moved. Even time appeared to stand still as Evans plea was heard.

"I am guilty"! 

The words came out and it appeared the case had been brought to an end - technically not legally.

Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, popularly known as ‘Evans the Billionaire Kidnapper’, has admitted to allegations of kidnapping leveled against him.

He told a court in Lagos that he was guilty of the charges.

Pleading guilty, however does not make him free of the allegation but it can sure do a lot to make light the punishment that he could receive.

Lawyers will say he has saved the court and prosecution from wasting more time and money prolonging justice.

Bounce News wonders if justice may be tampered with mercy. Does Evan deserve any mercy?

In Lagos State, where the suspect was arrested, kidnapping has a death penalty attached to it, but with a clause –if victim dies in the custody of the kidnapper.

The law was enacted in February.

It also prescribed life sentence for kidnappers whose victims come out alive.

It now rests on the prosecutors to prove whether or not any of Evan's victims died in his custody and what was the cause of death otherwise - he might stay alive behind bars to share his tales with co-convicts.

The law states that any person who kidnaps, abducts, detains, captures or takes another person by any means or trick, with intent to demand ransom or do anything against the victim’s will, commits an offence.

Evans has continued to claim that he has not killed a soul in the course of his criminal activities.

He has accepted that he took people for ransom, but has continued to claim that he never killed anyone.

There has been no evidence or testimony put forward against him that contradicts his claims.

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There are even reports that he ensured a victim that sustained an injury that could have led to his death stayed alive.

Are some media outfits trying to whip up sentiments for Evans?

If no evidence is put forward against him to contradict his claims of never killing any soul, he will face life imprisonment.

But his pleading guilty also opens another line that could see him get few years imprisonment for his crime.

However, one thing is sure - Evans will surely lose every property that the government has seized, including funds that were ever linked to him.

The law is the law.