Uche sells electronic devices at the popular Egbeda Market in Lagos State.

He was about opening for sales on Tuesday (19 September) when he noticed a fallen electric pole leaning across his store.

When he asked his colleagues how the pole got there, he was told that the downpour early Tuesday morning caused it.

The pole which was resting over Uche’s store had all its cables lying dangerously on the ground.

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Shop owners around the area are now calling the attention of the Ikeja Electric to come to their rescue and fix the pole before it electrocutes someone.

Some shop owners toldBounce News that they have informed the electric power firm about the situation but there has been no response yet.

Uche said as soon as the incident happened, some of the shop owners in the area refused to open for fear of being electrocuted.

“I have seen something like this before where a boy was electrocuted after a NEPA pole fell over their house. 

“It was after the boy died that the power people came to remove the fallen pole,'' he said.

Another shop owner, Sunday said 24 hours after the matter was reported to the Ikeja Electric business unit at Ponle, they are yet to come over.

“Are they waiting for a disaster to occur before they respond?”

“Don’t know why it is taking them so long to come, I’m even afraid to open my store because I don’t know how safe it is,” he said.

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