Just imagine what life would be like without eggs in your diet.

Toast bread without eggs in between, noodles without the pretty white balls and spaghetti left to walk alone.

In Ode-Aye, Okitipupa local government area of Ondo state, you dare not eat Python, chicken or any product made from egg.

To indigenes of this community, these animals are seen as tin gods which have really helped them in times of need and the only way to pay back is to preserve their offspring jealously.

This ancient belief is the fundamental principle on which members of the community allegedly thrive.

It is totally forbidden in their land and whoever commits the sacrilege will face it's dire consequence.

"It is a traditional principle laid by our forefathers in appreciation of the roles played by those animals in ensuring victory over their enemies during the war.

"The victory was like that of biblical Israelites when they wanted to cross the Red Sea and God instructed Moses to stretch his rod which parted the sea and enabled them cross over.

Oba Williams Akinmusayo Akinlade

"That was exactly what our ancestors experienced during the war against our adversaries. When we got to the bank of River Oluwa, a long python stretched across the river like a bridge for the people to get to the other end.

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"Although, the enemies later followed us, but we were far ahead of them and when they tried to trace our footprints, a mysterious hen appeared and used it's legs to scatter the footprints which made it difficult for them to locate us. We hid behind a cave and watched the hen carrying out the rescue mission which left the enemies confused." He said.

In the same vein, 79-year old Pa Clement Olaosebikan, affirmed the authenticity of the narration and explained the repercussion to any indigene who defiled the tradition.

"Anyone who eats python, chicken or egg will have his or her nose perforated and vomit blood till he or she dies.

"We don't joke with it here. It is a serious offence that brooks no infraction.”

However, he said there is an antidote which must be administered by a recognized professional.

"The only antidote which must be administered by a respected traditionalist in our land is making the victim to lick ashes. 

"If he survives it, he will be barnished from the land and if he eventually dies, his body will be buried in the forest."

Despite the fact that about 95 percent of indigenes of the town are farmers and highly productive in rearing of the livestock, the tradition was said to have been kept sacred by them.

This must be the hens' paradise on earth.

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