Cult activities in Bayelsa State have continued to increase and no one seems to have a solution to it. Even the government appears to be looking the other way. 

Tombia Market is gradually becoming their haven and again on Monday, November 12th, they showed up and put up a show that left most people there wondering what the future holds. 

Tombia is located between Edepie and Okutukutu communities in Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa State.

Tombia market round about in Bayelsa State

It is a daily market which occupies both sides of the road. As such, there is always traffic congestion as petty traders barricade the road with their goods, leaving empty shops behind.

Like every market, Tombia usually has its big day every Tuesday.

Traders and customers come from different parts of the state to buy and sell.

Sometimes armed robbers and cultists also come shopping not with money, but with weapons, forcing traders to part with their goods.

On Tuesday, November 13th, the sun burned fiercely through the skin and the market was in full swing as men, women and some child-hawkers went about their businesses in an attempt to recover what was lost during the flood.

Suddenly, shouts of; "Make una help me! Them go kill me o! rend the air and people ran across the opposite side of the road for safety.

A young boy of about 14 years was being dragged on the floor by a five-man gang, all within the same age bracket.

He was taken into a shop inside the market while two traffic wardens advised traders to mind their business.

The armed cultists, who rob and terrorise traders and passers-by, took turns to hit him severally with sticks on his head.

One of them who acted as the gang leader, told some market women who pleaded with them not to kill the small boy, that he was a cultist and that he had cut their colleague with a machete in school few months ago during a fight.

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"Senior Secondary I (SSI) student had the guts to carry machete.

"He will smoke today before we decide his fate," he boasted, as they lit four wraps of Indian hemp at once and commanded him to smoke all at once.

The boy, weeping and pleading for mercy, obeyed.

He was further instructed not to cough.

The one, who was attacked by the 14-year-old months ago, was with them. He swore that the boy would not breathe again after their encounter.

"I no carry gun go school that day, l for shoot am die," he told the crowd that had gathered, laying credence to how easy it had become to own a gun.

According to them, their captive, a member of a rival cult group, had trespassed into their territory.

While the fracas continued, meat sellers at the market, began to hide their knives while pleading that the boy should be released.

A meat seller, Ikiotei Micheal said they are robbed of their phones and money every day by the cultists. He also complained of negligence by the police. 

"If we report to Doo-Akpo (Bayelsa Police), they will tell us to give the boys feeding money.'' 

While they continued to torture the boy, two police officers on duty at the market were seen chatting inside a shop, allowing them to have a field day.

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