Residents of Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa State, are beginning to experience the flood predicted by the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NMA).

When the rain started on Wednesday, residents were not sure of how long it would last. Many of them were not interested in taking precaution. 

They had entrusted their situation in the hands of God, but the ground was not ready to swallow all that was pouring down.

The rain was heavy and it lasted for over two hours.

It came days after the NMA had predicted imminent flood in coastal States, Bayelsa inclusive. 

Worst hit by the flood are residents of Edepie, some of whom were at work when the rain started.

Scooping water out of her mother's shop with a plastic bucket, Etisi Ruth told Bounce News that she had to ran home from school to check the level of damage done to their compound. 

Bayelsa flood sacks school
Ruth was not sure of the water level inside the shop so she gave attention to the outer part

"My intention was to come and check if water was flowing into our house. 

"But, I became confused when I arrived home and saw that my mother's shop was now a river," she explained.

She, however, refused to open the shop, stating that she had to scoop out the water before that could be done.

At Austin Dressmann Street, students and teachers of B. B. Academy could not have a nice study moment, as their school compound was also flooded. 

The students had to take off their shoes and socks, roll up their uniforms while holding hands to enable them cross the flooded area. 

Bayelsa flood sacks school
Not sure how deep the water was, they held hands

A Junior Secondary School III student of the school, who didn't want her name mentioned, expressed disappointment over the condition of their school compound. 

"Our school is always flooded during rainy season.

"I think that sand filling and plastering the compound will help.  

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"We come to school neat but go home looking muddy whenever it rains," she lamented.    

Meanwhile, opposite the school, a petty trader, Mr Emmanuel Agbo, tried in futility to control the flood from flowing into his compound. 

"Our houses are flooded because the contractor handling the internal road by my house, has abandoned the work.

"The gutter he constructed stopped halfway so the water comes straight into my place," he complain.

Bayelsa flood sacks school
Students were finding it hard to leave the school premises after the classes

Mr Agbo expressed hope that the state government would come to their rescue. 

Many residents in the area have been kept busy by the rain, as they scoop water out of their homes, prying for the dry season to come fast. 

They have no control over the flood just like residents of Ganaja Village in Kogi State that have also been sacked from their homes.

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Bayelsa flood sacks school
Bayelsa flood sacks school