Cult war in Bayelsa appears unending and the 2019 general election is drawing near. 

"Nobody thought guns could have effect on him because he was a cult lord that understands the deadly impact of the weapon. 

"He that kills by the sword surely has a sword trailing him and killing a preacher is the height of impunity that some young men in Bayelsa State now exhibit."

That's according to an eyewitness that spoke to Bounce News in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa state caoital.

The decision to pull a trigger on the preacher could have earned him instant judgement.

It was early on Monday that the murder and subsequent death occurred a few hours apart.

The day had started well as usual but peace within the affected community disappeared immediately the armed men walked in.

Any one that saw the beginning scene will laugh, wondering who keeps who safe. 

A group of young cultists numbering over 20 approached Swali Market Roundabout in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State and men of the Nigerian Police Force popularly called 'Doo-Akpo' took to their heels abandoning their van.

The sight of armed security officers running to take cover alerted the traders that trouble was brewing.

Panic set in, and everyone ran helter-skelter. Some mothers abandoned their children while those shopping ran into stalls to hide.

Traders and customer in Swali market were robbed b

The men who refused to run in sheer-bravery were robbed of their possessions at gun point. Motorists driving in and out of the market were also stopped and robbed.  

Money, mobile phones, wedding rings and wrist watches were forcefully collected. 

The operation was led by Chochima, the dreaded hit-man of the Greenlander secret cult.

One of the victims, Pere Alambo, who shared his experience said a pistol was pointed to his head and he gave all to save his life. 

He had gone to the abattoir to buy meat, but he ended up surrendering 90,000 Naira and his mobile phone to the boys. 

Weeping, a cosmetics supplier, Mrs Angel Tonbra told Bounce News that she lost so much. 

"I was robbed of 116,000 Naira this morning.          

"I had just finished supplying goods to my customers, locked my shop and was about leaving.  

"I felt something touch my back and tried to remove it and realised it was a small gun," she said.

Her handbag containing the money was taken from her. After the robbery incident, normalcy return to the market.  

But, just when the traders were getting used to the situation, sounds of gun shots startled them.

preacher killed by Chochima in Bayelsa

Again, there was chaos, as traders ran from the abattoir area towards the gate.

Shouts of "Na cult boys, na cult boys" rang loudly in the air. 

Chochima, a former Icelander cult member had murdered a man whom they believed was mentally unstable. 

The unidentified man whom some traders said was a quiet and harmless preacher, was shot as he vehemently prevented Chochima from murdering a member of the Icelanders.

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Immediately his target escaped, he shot the preacher. 

A butcher, who also lost his phone to the dare devil's, said: "When Chochima shot the mad man, his gang members told him they won't go out through the gate, but, he replied them that he had his gun.

"On his way out of the slaughter, a member of Icelander cult, identified as Sammy attacked him.

"While he was struggling with Sammy, another lcelander hit-man approached from his back and shot him twice in his head," he narrated.

The operation lasted for over two hours during which no security officer was seen. 

Chochima's death triggered wave of celebration, as a Keke (auto rickshaw) rider who was seen dancing and praising God explained how Chochima robbed him the previous day.

"He is dead, we are alive. Who loses'? he asked, passionately.

People were standing in twos smiling and celebrating the down fall of a dreaded terrorist whom they said, had been a torn in the flesh.

Traders in Swali market have expressed fear about the incessant broad day robbery attacks going on in the area and call on security agents to buckle down.

Four hours after the operation, police officers were seen controlling traffic in front of a commercial bank several poles away from the market.

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