Shall we call it a palace? Well, this is the home of the deposed Baale of Shangisha, Mutiu Ogundare.

This place used to be a beehive of activities even though the man himself is known to be modest but his office demanded that several community activities require his endorsement.

He became infamous in July after news of his supposed kidnap broke.

It was followed by the news of his arrest for plotting his own kidnap for self-enrichment.

Magistrate T. Akanni of an Ogba magistrate’s court, Ikeja, on Thursday, July 20 ordered him to be remanded in Kirikiri Prison.

Bounce News paid a visit to Shangisha-Magodo area to get a feel of the people’s opinion, five days after the court appearance.

The Conspiracy Theory

According to residents, there had been a battle for the Obaship of Magodo-Shangisha, which Ogundare had been laying claim to in competition with another person who has the backing of some powerful Lagos politicians.

In fact, this is the common gist on the streets.

The Oba is a superior office to that of the Baale and Ogundare believed that he should have been upgraded to the position instead of a non-resident stranger only backed by politicians as they claimed.

What is the attraction? The largesse that comes from land sales in the highbrow Magodo area.

Against the wish of the people, Oba Jamiu Lawal was sworn into office in May with reports that men of the Police were used to guard the palace of Ogundare to prevent him from leaving home to stop the coronation.


“Is it not disturbing that Ogundare’s arrest and dethronement happened just few weeks after the new Oba was sworn in for Magodo-Shangisha?” an auto-mechanic who works in the area asked.

He also wondered why all these happened just few days before the local government elections.

For him, they only needed to get rid of the man in order to validate their plans.

He revealed that Ogundare had gone into hiding since the coronation of the new Oba Jamiu Lawal and his alleged kidnap on the day he was to return should be better investigated.


Communal Support

The Baale, alongside his wife, Abolanle, will remain in prison’s custody with one Mohammed Babatunde, pending the perfection of their bail conditions.

They were arraigned on a three-count charge bordering on breach of public peace and fake kidnapping to which they all pleaded not guilty.

Opinions vary on whether he truly planned the kidnap or not.

Some said he possibly planned the kidnap in order to claim that he was being victimized by the same people who snatched “his throne”.

Others said he was completely framed with a mole planted in his camp.

Generally, the residents are disappointed that the Baale Ogundare got himself into such trouble.

He had a good fight on his hands which he could have won if he played clean…so they said.

One thing Ogundare has going for him, however, is that he is quite popular among the residents of Shangisha who pray that he would come out of the trouble and not be jailed.


An Hausa man who owns a shop in the area was full of pity for the man even though he chastised him for the alleged fake kidnapped.

Why he go do that kain thing if na true? Anyhow he want am, even if dem don collect that thing (his position) him go still get power.”

We got the feelers that the landlords have been making efforts to help facilitate his bail, although the incarceration of his wife as well has made it difficult.