Two weeks after the Federal Government launched operation Harbin Kunama II, (Scoprion Dance) - a military operation aimed at quelling the incessant killings in Southern Kaduna, the displaced indigenes are yet to return to their homes.

They say it is still very unsafe to return home. But what worries them more is the fact that the planting season has started and they are unable to return to their farms to plant their crops.

The village head of Koska Kanincom, Mr. Pius Buki who spoke exclusively to aBounce News correspondent in Kanfanchan said the only impact of operation Harbin Kunama II they have felt so far, was a military cordon and search exercise on 22nd of April 2017 that was carried out on the remaining part of the community which managed to survive the attacks.

Mr. Buki’s village was attacked on the 24th of December 2016. He lost his house and a daughter.

He said despite their losses, it would be more disastrous if survivors of the attacks are not able to go back to their farms to plant their crops this planting season.

He implored the government to confront “the heavily armed Fulani herdsmen that destroyed our town and are presently freely grazing on our farmlands,” adding that “no farmer that values his life dares go to farm even though the farming season has started.”

Also speaking, another resident, Mr. Adamu Baba, said: "The soldiers do not go to our farms. And they need to be there. I am eager to return to my farm."