When Resident Doctors with the Federal Government hospitals began strike, one may have thought that State Hospitals were not involved, but it seems that opinion may be wrong.

The situation at a Lagos State government hospital at College Bus Stop in Ifako Ijaye, left a woman wondering if the ripple effect of the Resident Doctors Strike was being extended in solidarity.

She was also forced to ask if the medical practitioners at the hospital were displaying sheer incompetence - a situation that is quite common in government run organizations in Nigeria.

The wards are busy with activities, people keep coming in and going out but services seem to be very slow.

Bounce News discovered that more people walk in and walk out when they see the intimidating queue of people waiting to see the limited doctors.

She had brought her 4-year old daughter to the hospital for treatment and she told Bounce News that it was her second day of coming for the same issue.

Her daughter is ill and she needed treatment.

She had seen a doctor on the first day, September 4 and a test was recommended, but she could not get that test carried out because the fellow on duty could not be found till sunset.

resident doctors strike affecting services at stat

The next day, she was at the hospital for the test, which had been completed as at the time she spoke with Bounce News.

She looked drained and frustrated as she waited endlessly for the result of the test.

At 3:00pm the result of the test was still 'cooking'. She walked up to the lab attendant to ask why she was being kept since 11:00 a.m.

“If they fail to give me the result today so that we can see the doctor, I will have to consider taking her to another hospital.

“At Gbagada where I had my ante-natal, their service is not like this. It is just that it is too far for me from here,” the disgruntled customer lamented.

According to her, at the lab, the attendants preferred to take the samples of all the patients at the same time before heading to the test are conducted.

She says they hate the idea of making several trips to and fro. So, regardless of condition, even if you chose to arrive at 6am, the samples will be drawn at about noon and the results would be submitted at 5pm.

This means the patients would have to wait another 24 hours to see the doctors before medicines are administered.

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Our correspondent could see the anguish in her eyes and hear the regret in her voice. "If only.. if only...", she muttered.

She did not want much. She never expected miracles that would give her 10 million naira over night.

All she wanted was for her daughter to feel right and enjoy what's left of the holidays.