When the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) suspended its strike on Monday, students were happy, but there seem to be one more huddle to cross - the Non-Academic Staff Union (NASU).

ASUU had directed its members to resume immediately but immediate resumption does not seem possible at the moment.  

Bounce News visited Lagos State University and observed that making the goose and the gander happy is one thing that could only ensure that the students return to school.

The entrance to the school did not really bear signs that the school was in session, even though no one expects a sudden rush back to school a day after ASUU called off its strike. 

But offices within the school had much to say about how much impact the decision of ASUU had on resumption of student.

Most of them were locked.

At the Law Faculty, it was just a security official that was seen in the entrance of the building, and he told Bounce News that nothing was happening there.

lectures resumption after asuu strike

"ASUU has called off strike but NASU's strike is on and there is no one in the offices," he said.

The entrance doors of few offices were open and one of such buildings was the Postgraduate school.

But when Bounce News entered the building a few cleaners were seen at the door.

They said there was no one in the offices to attend to people.

"If anything will change here, it may be on Monday and that is if NASU calls off the strike," one of them said.

NASU officials are in charge of making sure that lecture halls are open for students to take lectures.

Different lecture theatres visited at LASU were shut.

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Few students were seen within the school premises, but some of them devoted their time to taking photographs.

lectures resumption after asuu strike

A lecturer, who asked not to be named, told Bounce News that NASU would have to call off their strike for lectures to truly commence.

The Union is watching to picket members that will open offices, he said.

His statement could be seen within the school, as the office of the Director which was attending to a few students needing urgent attention had their protective bars locked to ensure NASU union executives do not gain access into the office.

With the situation students will have to wait for more days to be sure of when to return to school.

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Lagos State University after ASUU strike

Lagos State University students after strike