Different regions of Nigeria are making the demand for secession but it has become hotter in the south-east, the only region that has witnessed war for self-determination.

The Nigerian government continues to emphasise that it believes in the unity of the nation.

The President Muhammadu Buhari and the Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, have reiterated their commitment to having a united and stronger Nigeria.

Even past leaders, including Goodluck Jonathan, who is from the south-south, which will stand in the balance if Biafra is actualised, have come out to throw their weight behind the entity called Nigeria.

There are a few reasons this dream may not become a reality, not even by war.

1.       Nigeria is the only entity that exists in the UN Charter and Biafra is not recognised.

2.       Nigeria is a sovereign state and the international community respects that fact.

3.       The Constitution of Nigeria does not allow a referendum. There are no chances of a 2/3 vote in the National Assembly for the words 'referendum for self-determination' to be included in the constitution, considering the number of Igbos in the Assembly as against the other ethnic groups. These other lawmakers will be on the side of 'One Nigeria'.  

4.      The United States declared support for Nigeria’s unity which is a signal that it only recognises the current Nigerian structure.

5.       Within the Igbo nation, the centre is weak and the branches are very strong. The typical Igbo man will not see and Ebonyi man as his brother. In Delta State, the Igbo speaking indigenes do not see themselves as Igbos. “We are Delta-Igbos,” they will tell you.

6.       From conversations that Bounce News had with some opinion leaders from the south-east region, there is no concrete agreement on ground as to where the first president of the nation will come from. Would they result to the tried and failed zoning formula?

7.       The capital city has not been agreed on. This and number 6 must have been decided to show sign of readiness.

8.       The population of the nation - Nigeria - is too large for the world to sit and allow it to slip into another civil war.