Ike is an undergraduate student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka in Anambra state. As a self-sponsored student, he looks for avenues to earn legitimate quick cash to keep him in school.

In 2015, someone introduced him to yuletide businesses.

Within this season, there are several items that people need and could buy without asking much questions.

Outside the Christmas season, they mean little but demands of such items within the period is usually high and purchases are always almost driven by impulse.

Throughout the season, Ike chose to sell Christmas lights. It turned out to be quite profitable.

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He told Bounce News the yuletide has become his most profitable period of the year, not because Christmas will be celebrated but because he is almost certain that his next academic bill will be sorted out in January.

You do not necessarily have to be an Ike, but within the season, everyone spends money, would you not prefer to earn while you are also spending?

Here are 7 business ideas you can try out this xmas.

1. Rearing & Selling Chickens:

Chicken is, arguably, to Christmas what ram is to Ramadan. During Christmas, every family kills at least one chicken for meat.

There are two ways you can make enviable profit from selling chicken during the yuletide.

First, you can get a carpenter to make a small cage for you in your house. Buy broiler chicks and start feeding them.

You would be surprised how fat they could have grown in 8 weeks. By Christmas, you can sell one for as much as 5,000 naira.

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Secondly, you can make your cage then buy mature chicken broilers from poultry farms at discounted rates.

You may not make as much profit as one who reared the chicks to maturity, but you’d sure make enough profit to cover your own expenses within the period.

2. Selling Toys:

A Christmas without toys is no Christmas at all to children. Imagine how many families reside in your city.

Let’s assume there are only 100,000 families; of this number, 50,000 families have at least 2 children.

About 25,000 of them will buy one toy for each child. Now, that is a huge market that cannot be ignored.

To make money off selling toys within this period, you have only one option – buy from importers and distributors to resell.

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If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can sell at makeshift evening markets across the city. But if you are too busy and think you can afford to do this on the side, you can sell online.

You do not necessarily have to go through the rigours of selling on giant online marketplaces. Your social media page provides enough eyeballs.

3. Selling Christmas Light:

Christmas lights, also known as fairy lights, are all those glitters used for decoration and display throughout the yuletide.

The custom dates back to when Christians decorated Christmas trees with candles, which symbolize Christ being the light of the world.

Today it is a billion-dollar business. You’d shudder to imagine how much churches, state governors, businesses, and the entire elite class spend on Christmas lights alone.

Although this would require some budget, it would be worth your while if you invest in them and find the right market.

4. Customising And Selling of Hampers:

Christmas is a time of giving. Who does not give or receive gifts during Christmas, especially on Boxing Day?

A Christmas hamper is a traditional gift containing small nonperishable food items. You can make a fortune by customising gift hampers and selling to your colleagues in the office or even your friends and neighbours.

Within the season, people are generally in a rush and would not have time to think of the right gifts or make out time to go get them. You can step in to solve their problem and make a fortune for yourself.

5. Selling Rice:

Rice is already an everyday staple. But on Christmas day, it also becomes a special food. Whoever you may be or what class you may belong, rice remians the undisputed King of Christmas in Nigeria.

Prices will expectedly go up because of the high demand. But if you plan to do some business within the period, selling rice should come top of your idea list.

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Now that importation of rice has been banned, you can source from local millers and package your own. You can then let people in your network know you have a ‘special nutritious variety’. Persuade them to place their orders and make arrangement for shipping.

6. Selling Fireworks:

In local parlance, folks call it knock-out or banger. Whatever name you choose matters little, but demand is usually on the high side, especially among teenagers.

It is usually deemed illegal and law enforcements will announce a ban on the use of the device during Christmas. Yet, within the period, one would almost go deaf from violent explosions coming from several kinds of fireworks. Especially at churches.

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Someone, sure makes lots of cash from these fireworks.

If you decide to deal, do ensure to go legit by obtaining the necessary permit from security agencies.  

7. Selling Children Wears:

This is a time to give Ruff & Tumble a run for its money.

As much as adults celebrate Christmas, it belongs to children. Adults only bankroll the celebration.

Every child sure gets special outfit for Christmas celebration. You can source your products from importers or get tailors to make special designs for you.

In all, regardless of what you choose to deal in make sure its profitable and legitimate.

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