Jollof rice is a true globe trotter.

It has left its origins in West Africa and has become a global sensation having its own day - August 22 - World Jollof Rice Day.

Made basically with rice, tomatoes, tomato paste and variations of meats, spices (nutmeg, cumin and ginger) and vegetables, it draws its roots from the Wolof tribe in Senegal.

Though there has been an endless battle of supremacy between Nigeria and Ghana over who cooks a ‘mean’ Jollof Rice.

The bottom-line is Jollof Rice has some sacred traditions that should never be broken.

To mark this year's World Jollof RIce day, Bounce News have come up with 7 ways of decoding the ‘almighty formula’ to cooking the ‘Perfect’ Jollof rice.

jollof rice

1. It should taste like Party Jollof Rice - that comes with the extra flavor derived from the smoky burnt rice at the bottom of the pot.

Party Jollof tastes way better than the Jollof rice you cook in your kitchen because it is prepared using locally-charcoal or firewood and not your 2016 gas cooker.

2. Make sure you Never Run Out Of Seasoning - this is the only way your food's aroma will be irresistible. Keep the curry powder, thyme, bay leaves, nutmeg, cumin and ginger within quick grasp.

3. Ensure The Prayer Warrior Is Absent at meal time -  if the meal is not consumed while its warm, then all your efforts would have been in vain. No one enjoys could Jollof Rice. Keep the prayers short and simple.

jollof rice

4. Soggy Jollof Rice Is A ‘No No’ - make sure whoever is cooking it does not use too much water and oil.

5. Your Jollof Rice Should Be Colour Orange - not yellow, not faded red not dark brown.

6.  No Onions, No Jollof Rice - so whatever you do never leave out this important ingredient.

7. The battle between Nigerian and Ghanaian Jollof rice is a never ending story. Don't get drawn into it - just eat and go home.

jollof rice

Are you salivating? Don't pretend, it's allowed