Happy Workers' Day! Well... that's if you have a job.

If you are unemployed, this is another chance to discuss your business idea with someone who is usually too busy to listen to you.

For those of us working; please make sure it's really profitable. You may be reading this at home as you prepare to head out to make that quick purchase or fix that faulty work tool. 

Bounce News examines the top markets within the Lagos Metropolis where workers go to fix it.

1. Balogun Market, Lagos Island:

This is the home of the Lagos worker's uniform. Bales of shirts, blouses, skirts and trousers are opened here daily. Record sales are recorded on weekends especially on the last weekend of each month.

Lagos workers like to stand out, look good and feel important. White shirts are more expensive, other colours are cheaper.

2. Tejuosho Market:

This serves as the substitute to Balogun market on Lagos Island. Located on the mainland in Yaba, Tejuosho market offers affordable items at reasonable prices especially shoes for men, women and children. Materials for school uniforms and curtains are also found here.

3. Mile 12 Market:

This is the food basket of the state. It's here that all major staple food items transported from the country's Northern region are received. It's from here that distributors come and pick the items and sell to retailers in all local council areas. Our mothers and wives head here on workers' day to buy these items in bulk. It's more affordable to buy from here but there is usually no time to head all the way here.

4.  Oyingbo Market:

It is considered the soup making market. Workers keen on cooking specific soups and stews come here on workers' day to pick their condiments. Egusi, Efo Riro and Ogbono aka Akpon have cut the barriers of tribe and creed to become national delicacies. Cooking these soups require specific items that help vary taste, class and social status. Snails and select parts of cows are also up for sale at affordable prices.

5. Sura Market:

When you hear men say "Dear, I am heading to Sura, You know I have to go today; there is no time during the week and we need to travel with the car". It's the tyres market. Tokunbo tyres which have been banned severally by the government are sold here openly. These tyres are sold in 'grades' and those who know say "appearance is deceitful". A good tyre according to them doesn't always look the nicest.

6. Ladipo Market:

Ladipo Market also known as Ladipo Auto Spare Parts Market is a market located in Mushin local government area of Lagos State. The market which is considered the biggest auto spare parts market in Lagos is opened on a daily basis except on Sundays. Those tough cars issues are brought here on workers' day and hopefully scanned and the problem resolved. If your car gets to Lapido and it cannot be fixed then it means, that challenge cannot be resolved in West Africa.

7. Computer Village:

So we kept the best for last. Businesses in Lagos are becoming more technology driven hence the need for people to fix and buy gadgets. They do not have the time to fix that phone, no time to fix the laptop. But on workers' day the tools of trade are sharpened and spares are acquired in case first choices become outdated. The market located in the state capital drives the sole of the city and keep us all online directly and indirectly.