Going to the cinema is always a good idea, especially in a place like Nigeria where there aren't a lot of fun options.

A visit to the cinema would offer entail prior planning - so you check for the film you've been ‘dying’ to watch and either make reservations for film tickets online, or make a mental note of when said film is showing.

Then you possibly hook up with a friend or 2, or none at all and head to the cinema of your choice.

But there's also a bunch of other things to consider when going to see a movie because it can be a jungle out there, especially in an age where people are becoming cinema-crazy.

To this end, here are 5 ‘survival’ rules to follow to make the most of your cinema experience.

1. Avoid Spoilers
You cannot waste all your energy waiting for a film to come out, and then ruin the satisfaction of feeding your senses with the film by reading a review, dotted with spoilers.

The temptation is there to peek at a spoiler and get some of the juicy gist of the film, but the truth remains that delayed gratification always pays at the end.

2. Watch HD
The coolest thing you can do for yourself when you’re watching a film for the first time, is to watch it in High Definition which offers crispy clear, life-like images that will tickle your senses silly.

Or you could try watching it in a 3D format and thus fully immerse yourself in the film.

3. Never watch alone
Watching films you love with friends or family is one of the best gifts you can give yourself as a cinema lover. You get to share laughs, gasps and possibly even get up to a little mischief. 

Only go alone when you have plans to size up the market and make a ‘new catch’ at the cinema (thank us later).

4. Keep away from ‘enemies of progress’

When people who seat next to you in the cinema talk too much or  interrupt at intervals while  you’re  watching the film, please stay away from them.

These ones are real ‘enemies of progress’, and will never allow you to enjoy the goodness of every scene showing on the screen.

If they are family or friends, find a way to shush them but if they are strangers, politely tell them that they are disturbing you.

5.    Avoid critics and movie reviews
Form your own opinion or don’t even have any opinion at all before you go to see a movie.

The best way to keep an open mind, before you watch a film is to stay away from film reviews or movie critics. Afterwards, you can then go all out on the reviews.