The truth is that there will always be leaks, from a tiny rip which leads to a leaky pocket anything could fall out including an unpublished song.

Leaking content and piracy have been the bane of Nigeria's entertainment industry. From Adekunle Gold’s debut album, titled ‘Gold” to Flavour’s recently released ‘Ijele-The traveler album” musicians in Nigeria have had their intellectual property stolen and shared.

Wizkid has never been known for leaks or rumors, until he signed for Sony Music Entertainment, now the story has changed.

Here are 5 reasons his album titled 'Sounds From The Other Side' might be playing on your car stereo before July 14.

1. Signing to Sony Music

wizkid signs rca records deal

This was the first leak.

In 2015, Sony Music Entertainment wanted to catch the African music, so they turned to Davido and Wizkid and it was in 2016 that Wizkid signed with the music oga’s.

He signed a deal with ‘plenty’ zeros, but it was never officially announced.

Even after he began to work on his music under Sony’s management, nothing was heard until it was leaked by multiple anonymous sources who gave hazy details.

Finally, a Sony Music subsidiary, RCA Records announced on their official Twitter handle that they were handling all Wizkid’s music projects in the United States.

2. Come Closer (Audio)

wizkid and drake come closer

His first song was released as a leak.

The song featured Drake, whom he had worked with already on 2 different songs,  ‘Ojuelegba’ remix, and ‘One Dance’.

 "One Dance" became the most streamed song ever, and the song that gave Wizkid his first Grammy nomination.

‘Come Closer’ had its audio unofficially uploaded online and spread like a virus across the web.

The reaction it received from music fans across the world including Manchester United player’s Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard dancing to it in their team dressing room, made Sony Music reconsider trying to yank it off the internet.

The music company decided to give Wizkid its ‘blessing’ to drop the single.

3. African Bad Gyal ft Chris Brown

chris brown and wizkid

Wizkid had recorded 'African Bad Gyal' since 2014 featuring American star, Chris Brown.

Even though the song was hindered from being released by legal issues, the duo still performed the song at numerous shows across the globe.

Before the song was officially released in June a leaked version had already become as popular as Jollof rice.

4. Come Closer (Video)

wizkid come closer(Video)

Wizkid released an official video for ‘Come Closer’ , with Drake obviously absent from the video, who would have thought that there will be a second unofficial version leaked?

The video shows Wizkid wearing African print ‘baffs’ and dancing with beautiful ladies while hosting a party.

It also includes Davido’s ex-girlfriend, Sira Kante.

5. Album Leaks Could Work Both Ways

Wizkid changes release date for music project

These leaks may take a negative turn on his music and its sales or it may translate to something great for him.

Chima Nwosu, a social media analyst and music fan who spoke to Bounce News gave examples of how leaks can affect album sales, noting that Wizkid now has distribution in America.

“When Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 leaked around in 2009,  Jay-Z took it in good faith and said it was a free preview he was giving his fans, because he was proud of the work he had done. In the case of Lil Wayne, when his Tha Carter III album leaked, he made a free mixtape called, ‘The Leak’ and worked on creating other songs. None of these artists lost money even after the leaks.

“ In Nigeria before Adekunle Gold could enjoy the benefits of his album, a leaked version was being downloaded FOC (free of charge) by Nigerians. A lot of Nigerian musicians suffer the same faith, so if Wizkid’s album leaks before June 14th he might be able to find a way out of it in America, but in Naija, he might just be cutting losses.”

With the history of leakages from Sony Music Entertainment, the chances of his album reaching fans before the set release date looks like its going to happen.