Making the best of any situation is the hallmark of great people.

Academic activities at government owned and managed universities in Nigeria have been suspended indefinitely.

Students are home and the initial sweet chill after impending exams took a back sit are expiring. The eating, movie watching and spending long hours browsing through fun websites are becoming routine and boring.

What you need is a mental challenge - not an academic exercise this time - but a hands-on practical experience of something new and exciting.

Bounce News gives you a few suggestions of things you could do to make the sit-at-home more productive.


1. Freelancing - In the new digital newsroom where reports are sent in electronically, one way in which students can gainfully use their time is to take roles as stringers.

Most students use internet enabled phones which is the basic requirement to send reports.

So if you are a student this period, consider this option, report the news in your environment; widen your horizon and also make some money.

Bounce News is interested in having your reports and we will be quite attractive sums for each verified report published in the app and on our site - send a mail stating your interest to 

2. Volunteer for a charitable course - Beyond making extra cash for yourself, an act of service in a period like this is not out of place.

That is where volunteering for a charitable course comes handy.

With several Non-governmental organizations spread across the length and breadth of the country, students can pick any and even if the reward doesn’t come in cash, the fulfillment and other unseen rewards will come in kind.


3. Practice Your course - Forget all the long talks and assignments all written and submitted as hard or soft copy. There is the popular adage that ‘practice makes perfect’, a period like this is apt for students to put to practice all they have been learning in the classroom.

As a Mechanical Engineering student, why not spend some time at the mechanic workshop down the road; see how the theory of friction actually applies in real life situations .

Are you studying English, History or Philosophy? - Write a piece or short stories or though provoking articles and publish them on your social media platform for your friends and family to see. You don't know who else will stumble on it.


4. YouTube Lessons - Technology has made life easier than ever before and one of its blessings is the availability of YouTube. While you can watch the best of Nollywood movies on this app, you can also learn virtually anything through it.

Don't only learn to 'pepper dem', don't remain a 'slay queen' with no skills. Learn to do simple things - sowing, shoe making, driving, cooking etc. Stop wasting data on non-productive activities. You consume several people's content making them millionaires while you walk away empty-handed. Change the tide!



Internship as requested by and other companies is also another option worth exploring. Nothing compares to on the job skills so even if it is for a stipend don’t turn down that opportunity!

Interns are always needed and it is the familiar intern that gets the job after graduation not the fresh hustler with 1st class but no idea on how to use Excel or PowerPoint.

All the best!